Monday, June 25, 2012

Zaboo'd at Thrilling Adventure Hour. The Guild Season 6!?

Another Thrilling Adventure Hour has come and gone. Jon and Paula went with me to the June showing, it was their first time! They really enjoyed the show and suggested a return trip, so clearly I'm not overselling this thing. Why haven't you all come with me yet?

June saw a very dramatic cliff-hanger in Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars, when the very inebriated Croach the Tracker (Mark Gagliardi) was shot and (please don't let it be) killed? Nooo!!!!! No show in July means I have to wait until August to find out the fate of the little blue Martian, Croach.

The notable guest star for the evening was George Wendt who played a former Marshal on Mars threatening the life of Sparks and Croach. Busy Phillips returned as The Red Plains Rider, the red plains rider! *insert theme music* Whenever the Red Plains Rider returns, there is always a glimmer of hope that a Cactoid Jim (Nathan Fillion) story-line might be soon to follow.

Jon was bummed that he didn't get to see any Firefly or Chuck guests, so I keep reminding him he should come to more if he wants to increase his chances. He knows I am right, but still blames me as though I have some input in who makes the line-up. Brothers, blaming you for things you have no control over since the day you were born.

We did see Sandeep Parikh from The Guild at the show, so we were only 2-degrees of separation from Nathan! Parikh was there enjoying the show with a lady friend and, while she was in the bathroom, I took it upon myself to approach him for a picture. He was in the middle of texting someone but was nice enough to pose for a picture and let me ask him questions about The Guild. The news is that he is tight-lipped on details and wouldn't spill a word! *le sigh* At least I tried.

In the meantime, I shall enjoy the newest music video from The Guild and Jed Whedon. Check out I'm the One That's Cool

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