Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hanson, Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men: I'll never stop loving 90's Boy Bands

I think I have made it pretty clear, but if you are new to this blog than let it be known that I love the 90s: television, movies, toys, fashion (well, maybe not everything), and music.

I've talked about Saved By The Bell and I've given you lists of former teen heartthrobs from television and movies, but what I haven't done yet is taken the time to discuss the wonderful era of boy bands that we were blessed with in the 90s.

I don't know much of anything about The Wanted or One Direction, but give me a 90s boy band and I'll tell you more than you probably care to hear. For this weeks flashback post on Socialite Life, I compiled a list of 15 Boy Bands from the 90s, and included links to songs for each group so you can reminisce.

Head on over to Socialite Life to get the complete list.

Backstreet Boy AJ Mclean is going to be a daddy!

Newlyweds, AJ and Rochelle Mclean, are expecting a baby!

The couple made the announcement to fans via youtube on Sunday, and looked giddy with the news.

AJ was the latest Backstreet Boy to tie the knot, when he did so earlier this year. With AJ's announcement of becoming a father, that leaves lone-BSB, Nick Carter as the only to not be settled down yet. That's right, of the 5 original members, Kevin, Brian, Howie, and now AJ are all married men and fathers. Kind of weird to think that the guys I lusted after in my early teen years are now fathers.

Check out the video announcement below.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saved By The Bell Reunion

2013 is the monumental 20 year high school reunion for Bayside High's class of 1993!

This serves as a reminder to you that you have probably passed or are soon to reach your own 10-year high school reunion. Remember how when we were kids watching Saved By The Bell, everyone over 16-years-old was pretty much on their way to a retirement home? Welcome to old-age, my friends!

Well, to help us all transition more easily into old age, I have determined where those six BFFs are today. To prepare for this I did some extensive research which involved watching an insane amount of Saved By The Bell on Netflix, so my predictions are based on facts from the series and as well as some of my own wishful thinking.

Visit the Saved By The Bell Reunion gallery on Socialite Life to read my predictions as to where Zack, Kelly, Slater, Jessie, Lisa and Screech are today.

And, just because...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Thrilling Adventures with Yvette Nicole Brown, Fat Tony, Bender, and a Genie in the bottle

Another Thrilling Adventure has come and gone, and I have pictures to share.

April's show was so funny, per usual. Brand new Sparks Nevada, Captain Laserbeam, and Beyond Belief with guest stars JK Simmons, Zachary Levi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jenny Wade, Joe Mantegna, and Chris Hardwick. The show was jam packed with adventure, appropriately placed pauses, line after line of alliteration recited at great speed, and, of course, so much laughter my cheeks were sore after the show. Overall, a great performance and a star-studded after-show gathering.

Last month, Angel declared she was no longer going to do the crazy fandom thing with autographs and pictures because she felt like our now regular occurrence at the show meant we needed to act more mature and put-together. Well I made it very clear that I have no qualms with being a fan and that will likely never change, so I went full steam ahead through the crowd looking for a new face to talk to. Angel followed because she is supportive of her friends, and our first encounter of the evening was with Yvette Nicole Brown, currently starring as Shirley on Community.
First of all, she was fabulous in Sparks Nevada as a hard-drive defragmenting ace. Secondly, she is so ridiculously nice and sweet in person! She asked us our names and how we were doing, chit chatted with us like no big deal. She totally has aced the "I'm no different from you" mantra and I fully appreciate her genuine niceness. After the show I tweeted about the show and how great it was to meet her, and the next morning I find that she has replied.
This only re-enforces my argument that Yvette Nicole Brown is one of the nicest people in Hollywood (and outside for that matter).

After that friendly encounter, Angel declared "I LOVE HER!" and she admitted that she was not above acting like fans and seeking more pictures. So, she lead the way to get a picture with John Di Maggio, Joe Mantegna, and Thomas Gibson.

John is part of the regular cast. He is Captain Laserbeam and performs as one of Los Tres Banditos in Sparks Nevada. We have talked to him before but Saturday was the first picture together. Joe Mantegna played a mafia-ish guy (shock, I know) in Beyond Belief which was hilarious this week. JK Simmons (not pictured, sadly) had this amazing theme song that he sang "I'm a genie in the bottle..." that I can't help but continue to hum along to. I really want that song as a download. As for Thomas Gibson, he didn't perform, he just enjoyed the show from the audience. He also happened to sit in front of Angel and slightly block her view, but that is totally something you brag about later and don't get upset about.

Lastly, we got a picture with Chris Hardwick.
He has performed a couple of the times that we have attended, but he always is so quick at getting through the crowd in the patio that it wasn't until Saturday that we were finally able to catch him. And, speaking of Chris Hardwick, founder of, as of today there is a new Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast available, so check it out.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

From little Harper Smith (aka mini-Kelly Kapowski).

If you haven't already, check out more adorable celebrity children in the Socialite Life Flashback gallery.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hilary Duff shares pictures of baby Luca

The proud mother has treated us all to adorable baby pictures just as baby Luca celebrates 2-weeks of life.

She shared some pictures via Twitter Tuesday evening of the adorable little guy.
@HilaryDuff Baby Luca, 2 weeks old :)

Hard to believe it has been 2-weeks since Hilary gave birth to baby Luca. After sharing the first picture, Duff couldn't resist sharing another: "Oh no! The flood gates have opened! Proud mamma on the loose!i can't help myself.. Here's one more"

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris have babies!

If there is one thing I love more than pictures of my nephew, it is pictures of other people's adorable children.

Say hello to the new generation of Morris' and Tanners.

Thanks to Twitter, I get to see celebrity baby pictures galore because proud mamas and papas love to tweet that stuff. I am not ashamed to admit that I have a TGInineties Twitter list that I check regularly and use as a means to keep up with all my peeps (and my peep's kids) from the 90's. Yes, it does give me a false impression of friendship between me and these former idols, but I'm ok with living in a fantasy world so nbd.

Because I LOVE baby pictures and because I love to see what these fantasy-world friends are up to, I created a gallery to serve that purpose. Head on over to to check out my newest 90's Flashback piece and browse the gallery to see all the adorable pictures of your former-bff's children.

And, you are welcome.

Devon Sawa quits acting and Chick-fil-A sells beef

April fools everyone! Check your calendar my friends because anything announced on this date should be automatically seen as false news.

Wipe away those tears, Devon Sawa has not quit acting although several news sources did print that story after reading an early April 1 tweet from Sawa: "I quit acting. I'm done. It's been amazing. I'm moving to hawaii and I'm opening a spin studio. It's what I've alway wanted to do. Thanks."

Celbrity news site allie is wired published a story based on the tweet, but later amended the article by noting that "Apparently, it was an April Fools Joke…" Oh that Devon, such a prankster. And, because I know you care, Sawa will not be returning to Nikita this season although he assures fans there is no dramatic reason for his absence. "I wasn't fired, laid off, or "let go" from Nikita. Just won't be back this season." THIS season, but that is not to say he won't be back in the future (assuming the show has a future).

In other ridiculous April Fools news...
Come on, like Chick-fil-A is really going to announce it is adding beef to it's menu, and on a Sunday?!!! The day every single Chick-fil-A is closed and coincidentally the day my craving for Chick-fil-A reaches its maximum. Don't be a fool on this people, don't be a fool.