Sunday, November 4, 2012

Firefly Reunion Part Deux! Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk do Thrilling Adventure Hour

Saturday afternoon, as I was preparing for the one-year anniversary of being a Thrilling Adventure Hour fan, I happened upon this tweet by Firefly's Alan Tudyk.

Repetitive exclamations of "oh my gosh!" and high pitched squeals ensued. After meeting Nathan Fillion last November at our first ever Thrilling Adventure Hour, subsequently seeing him again at December's musical, and then witnessing Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion reunion on stage in March, this news of a Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk reunion was amazing. I called Angel immediately to share the news and we enjoyed a squealfest over the phone.

The rest of the day could not pass fast enough, I was so hyped up on anticipation that I was wishing for a jump forward from the time gods.

The show finally opened at about 8:45pm and Nathan Fillion made his return as Cactoid Jim in Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars. Sparks Nevada ended with us uncertain of Cactoid Jim's future, would he be destroyed by Sparks Nevada? The second segment was Cactoid Jim, and opened when Weird Al (yeah, that's right, Weird Al Yankovic) came out to perform the Cactoid Jim theme song. This entrance was totally unexpected and I am not ashamed to admit that I let out a high pitched scream when I saw him walk out on stage. Weird Al was my first concert, way back in 1996 at the LA County Fair, and this last summer I happened to see him again at the Orange County Fair, that is straight up pride I'm communicating right now.

With Weird Al and Paul Storm providing vocals for the theme and narration, Alan Tudyk and Molly Quinn (as in Castle's daughter) then joined Nathan Fillion and mark Gagliardi on stage in Cactoid Jim, both playing individuals hoping to destroy the future, evil Cactoid Jim seeking to destroy the universe.

I literally could not stop smiling and laughing during both Sparks Nevada and Cactoid Jim segments. They were by far some of the best I have seen, and I can't wait until they make it to the podcasts (5-6 months from now) so I can re-listen and relive the experience.

In addition to the regular Work Juice Players: Annie Savage, Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Paget Brewster, Paul F Tompkins, Hal Lublin, James Urbaniak, and Joshua Malina, guests from last night included: Molly Quinn, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Jorge Garcia, Brendan Hines, Clancy Jones, Weird Al, and Paul and Storm. Here are some pictures from last night...

Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk

Jorge Garcia

Mark Gagliardi

Brendan Hines

Basically, I love my life, and my life is exponentially more awesome since I discovered Thrilling Adventure Hour last year. Seriously, if you aren't listening to it yet either on iTunes or through, what is your problem?

Sometimes I can't help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dimples Will End World Hunger

It is about to get valley-girl up in here.

So, like, the other day I was watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Saturday Night Live and as he thrusted, gyrated, and stripped his way through the monologue, I couldn't help but notice his gorgeous dimples. I had fallen into those mischievous little curves in his cheeks that deepen with his smile, and I may be lost forever.

Fact: Dimples on a guy are, like, totally gorg. I shall submit two pieces of evidence to support this claim.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

As I gazed into those dimples, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of beauty would result from the cross pollination of my dimples with the dimples belonging to JGL. I concluded without doubt that JGL and I would have beautiful dimple-faced children and that, most definitely, our children's dimples will set a new standard of beauty. I shared said fact on Twitter.

Well, haters are gonna hate and there ain't nuthin I can do about that!

@YeahhStephanie was all like "Excuse me, stop fantasizing about my husband. Thank you." Then I was like, "pheessh girl you talking cray cray. My heart has been his since his long-haired days on 3rd Rock From The Sun." Yeah, I was totes digging the long haired guys of the 90s.

At this point in the argument I had the ball in my court and was on track to win it. However, in order to guarantee she did not re-gain control of the ball, I had to brandish proof of our budding relationship to win the match.

Ayoob backwards (Booya)! YeahhSteph, can have your Ryan Locthe

And I'll take JGL.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Full House 25th Anniversary Reunion!

Full House premiered 25 years ago!

That is insane. Sadly, I can not remember that day for I was only 1 years old. Fortunately, all the people in this picture are old enough to remember.

On Saturday, September 22 the cast of Full House had a reunion to commemorate the big anniversary. The hunky street rat Scott Weigner was even in attendance for the event, which was a Tanner family reunion (sans little Michelle Tanner who probably moved as far away from San Francisco as possible once she was old enough).

The Olsen Twins were sadly absent from the reunion, but it is not all that surprising. While the other cast members have remained good friends (Andrea Barber and Candace Cameron Bure recently trained for a mud run together, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos are routinely tweeting each other and hanging out, Lori Loughlin recently attended a performance of Best Man, starring John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Jodie Sweetin worked on a web-series together. etc.) the Olsen twins have been noticeably absent from these mini-reunions. In fact, the last time I remember seeing the Olsen twins with Full House cast members was at their New York Minute movie premiere in 2004. For all these reasons, their absence from the 25th anniversary is sad but not all that surprising.

Don't cry for them, they are doing just fine with their fashion empire. Still, it would be nice to see my childhood icons reunite.

Check out some pictures from the event that the cast members shared via social media (thank you, Twitter!).

And, let's not forget the New Kids on the Block dance party segment of the reunion. Jams brought to you by @DJMortyCoyle

Finally, because a post would not be complete without somehow tying me to it, check out this 2008 picture of me crossing off one of the items on my bucket list...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Frankie Muniz and the Malcolm in the Middle Reunion!

Frankie Muniz lives!

Remember how like 10 years ago that kid was in everything? While Malcolm in the Middle was on air, Frankie Muniz was on fire! He was even in Big Fat Liar with Amanda Bynes

I wonder what he thinks of this drunken madness?

As of late, Muniz has kept a low profile. Although he continues to act, he has also been focusing more on his music career and and currently plays the drums for Kingsfoil. (see video below)

Last weekend, Muniz attended the first Malcolm In The Middle cast reunion in 6 six years! I can't believe my brother didn't get an invite. I guess being the "boy with milk splashed on his face" just isn't cool enough for reunion status.

Oh well, I shall share with him the pictures and let him know what he missed. Thank you Instagram and FrankieMuniz4 for the photo recap!

No word from Muniz on what the occasion of the reunion was (photo shoot? TV special? good 'ol fun times with the TV family?) but he and the others are obviously very happy to reunite. Surprisingly, everyone looks pretty much how they did 6 years ago, plus of minus some facial hair. Muniz looks much younger than his 27-years. Of all the cast members, Bryan Cranston is having the most success these days, case in point: Breaking Bad.

Perhaps I shall dig up more on these folks at a later date and provide some detailed analysis as to how each has lived in the post-Malcolm years. However, for now, just enjoy some music featuring Muniz on drums.

New video from Kingsfoil - What Your Mother Taught You

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Thinks Amanda Bynes Is Getting Off Easy

Lindsay Lohan, my generations example of what can go wrong with child stars, recently took to Twitter to question the fairness of punishment for Amanda Bynes, who has now been charged with two misdemeanor counts of hit-and-run.

Poor Miss Lohan would like to know "Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far? +"

I'll save the fancy lawyer talk for you professionals, but what I think Miss Lohan seems to forget is that we have a judiciary process in America and that one has the right to a trial. She seems to forget that she herself went through several trials before being sentenced to serve jail time.

Like Miss Lohan, Miss Bynes has been arrested (for DUI) and she even gave us this beautiful mugshot to document the occasion:

Rest assured, Miss Lohan, Bynes' day in court will come and, just as you did, she will get an opportunity to fight the charges. Don't start hating on her or screaming "injustice!" until the judge has ruled.

With role models like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, I can't believe I don't have a drinking problem and criminal rap sheet. These women are the same age as me, I adored them as a child and teenager (I even cut school one day with some friends to go to a live filming of The Amanda Show), so it is rather upsetting to watch this downward spiral, again.

Same disaster, different young woman.

"Sources" are now claiming that Bynes might have some mental health issues. TMZ scoured the WeHo gym Bynes frequents for professional personal opinions of her mental state. TMZ notes that "One person says Amanda came to the gym Thursday looking dazed and began speaking with herself -- making comments and then answering back."

TMZ reports that a second gym member explained "when Amanda was on the elliptical, she would stop suddenly and start 'laughing hysterically for no reason.' She did this periodically throughout her workout. This person says he's seen her dozens of times in the last few months, and says it's apparent her condition is "deteriorating."

Let us leave diagnosis of mental health issues to the professionals. Being a member of Equinox gym in West Hollywood does not make you a mental health professional.

Matthew Lewis And His Mustache

Here is some Matthew Lewis mustache for your pleasure. Consider it my apology for the last two months of the silent treatment.

The moustache is in full flow tonight. Here he is doing his impression of Bill Paxton in True Lies. #sleazy

I know it doesn't make up for the unexplained silence, but I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

And here is Mr. Longbottom Lewis showing off his new wheels
@MattdavelewisSaturday morning rehearsals. Having a wheely good

"Wheely good time" hahahaha. I would say LOL, but I didn't actually laugh out loud, I laughed inside my head, so "hahahaha" seems more truthful. LIMH is also appropriate.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 Saturday afternoon recap: Bryan Fuller, Bryan Fuller, Bryan Fuller, and Pushing Daisies

This year I spent quality, warm, daylight hours hanging out in the dark, well air-conditioned, San Diego Convention Center. For day 2, I had an early run in the exhibit hall but couldn't resist getting to Room 7AB super early in order to work my way up to best seat in the house for A Conversation with Bryan Fuller. Naturally, I did just that.

The two panels prior were PlayStation 3: The Unfinished Swan and VIZ Media: Shonen Jump Alpha, both of which I knew nothing about prior to going and know very little about now. Can you tell that I'm less interested in the games and comics portion of Comic-Con and more interested in the television portion? I know, that probably makes me a bandwagon nerd, but at least I'm not one of those people who only shows up for Twilight, right?

Back to Bryan Fuller...

Before the panel started, this woman made an announcement that photography and recordings of any kind were not allowed and my heart broke a little inside. Obviously, recording the sneak peek materials is a no-no, but no pictures of the panelists?! Everyone around me was bummed but we obeyed. Too bad these press people totally ignored the request and were busy snapping away and getting in our way the whole time. I wanted to get my camera out, but I also feared getting removed from the panel so all I managed was a stealth phone picture.

Butch Patrick, as in the original Eddie Munster, introduced the panel with a lead into some clips from Mockingbird Lane, starring Portia de Rossi (Arrested Development), Jerry O'Connell (Sliders), and Eddie Izzard. Mockingbird Lane is a remake of the original Munsters series, written by Bryan Fuller who considers himself a huge fan of The Munsters. Mockingbird Lane is currently filming at Universal, and the clips they provided show a young Eddie Munster transform into a werewolf while on a scout camping trip. He proceeds to terrorize his scout troop. We also get a look inside the Munster house and meet the family. I have not seen much of the original Munsters, so I have nothing to compare the plot to, but the clips did have a fantasy/dreamy feel, heavy in red and green hues that remind me of some of Fuller's other work. There is also this element of comedy in the horror. Fuller proves himself to be great at making dark situations, light. He credits this to the fact that he spent a lot of time at funerals as a kid, and that the funerals were more of a celebration than a sad gathering.

After talk of Mockingbird Lane, Fuller followed up with a discussion on his other upcoming project, the TV series Hannibal. They didn't have any sneak peeks of this project, but Fuller did credit NBC with being fully supportive of the project and he talked of plans for future seasons as though there was no question as to whether or not the show would make it. It is amazing how optimistic he remains despite the early cancellation of Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me. According to IMDb Hannibal premieres mid-season in January.

Naturally, Pushing Daisies came up in the Q&A portion and Fuller hinted that he is working on something that is not a comic or a TV show that would give us another chance to see the Pie Maker in action. He wouldn't give more details because "Then if it doesn't happen, I look like a jerk!"

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Bryan Fuller?

After the panel concluded I had no problem whipping out my camera, but first I raced to the stage for an autograph. I had a straight shot to the stage, which worked to my advantage because even before I managed to ask for an autograph, the room security was pushing people out of the room, "No time for questions! Please clear the room for the next panel."

Mr. Fuller was amazingly nice and obliged my request to autograph my Wonderfalls DVDs as I stumbled to form a cohesive sentence. I think I managed "I'm a huge fan" as I shook his hand and tried not to burst with excitement. That is actually a near exact retelling of my meeting Joss Whedon last year, only I'm pretty sure the excitement for Bryan Fuller was much greater.

And then I snapped randomly as we were shoveled out of the room to make room for the next panel.

We also got free Hannibal t-shirts.
Picture taken from @BryanFuller, mask not included.

Comic-Con 2012 Friday recap: Syfy Defiance, Anthony Bourdain, Falling Skies, Firefly

Comic-Con trip numero 2 has come and gone and I am finally getting myself back onto a normal sleep routine. We came a bit better prepared this year than we were last year, but we still faced some sad panel rejections because, yet again, we weren't there early enough.

We got in line for tickets around 5:30am, and were among the first 100 to register that day, so that worked out nicely.

Unfortunately, we determined about 5 hours too late that attempting to get into Ballroom 20 on the same day we registered was not going to work in our favor. This means we missed the Legend of Korra panel and the Firefly Reunion :(
Placment in line for Ballroom 20 at 7:45am

Placement in line for Ballroom 20 at 1:00pm

I could literally see the entrance to Ballroom 20, but I didn't make it in for the Firefly Reunion that started at 12:45, and by that point the Legend of Korra panel was already over. I take solace in remembering that:
1) I made it to two panels featuring the Legend of Korra crew last year, plus I made it to the signing and walked off with a sweet autographed poster and free Korra t-shirt

2) I made it into the Joss Whedon signing at Dark Horse last year at Comic-Con

and 3) I saw Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion at the March Thrilling Adventure Hour.

The 5 hours spent in line were not so bad, the people I was around were really nice and made the time pass much more quickly. Given the overall outcome of the day, of course I would have preferred to have a more productive morning, but I am still glad we tried. Now we know for next year.

After some brief time fighting crowds in the exhibit hall, we went to the lovely Seaport Village for lunch. It was a nice break from the crazy crowds at the convention center, Seaport Village is so adorable! There was a live band playing mariachi music as we partook in some delicious Italian food by the water. Very picturesque, and yet I seem to have forgotten to capture the moment on photo.

Back to the Convention Center! I was determined to have success with panels in the second half of the day, so I opted to hang out in the lower numbered ballrooms that don't have the same crowd issues, while my brother and friends decided to pass the remaining time searching for comics in the exhibit hall.

I managed to see the Falling Skies panel, moderated by Wil Wheaton in 6BCF
I don't watch the show, but I have been interested in it and thought checking out a panel would help me decide if it is worth my investment. The conclusion: I definitely want to check this show out.

After that I got to 6DE early for a the Defiance panel, and ended up catching the better part of the Get Jiro panel, the food graphic novel written by Anthony Bourdain.
I'm always looking for recommendations on new graphic novels, so this was perfect. Not to mention, it is number one on the New York Times Hardcover Graphic Books List.

I actually had mixed feelings about going to see Defiance because I am still bitter at Syfy for cancelling Eureka and I fully blame the exuberant Defiance budget on Eureka's death. Incidentally, I am looking for a new Syfy show to fill my Eureka void and the concept of Defiance, a TV Show and Video Game, is interesting. So, to Defiance I went.

The show does sound interesting, it had a sort of futuristic/western feel to it that reminded me of Firefly. It also stars two of Dexter's ex-ladies, and a familiar face is always a plus when determining whether or not to like a new show. Normally, seeing Jamie Murray who played Lila would fill me with contempt because Dexter cheated on Rita with her; however, seeing Julie Benz and her banter on the panel like BFFs made me happy.

Thus ends my Friday the 13th at Comic-Con

For more pictures check out my g+ gallery and for notes from the panels, check out my twitter feed.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Backstreet Boys Album Is Underway

@KevinRichardson And so it begins...

And so begins "4 weeks of solid work in the studio...The next @backstreetboys record is underway." via @Nick Carter.

Raise your hand if you are excited about this one?


The announcement that Richardson would be on the next album was made in late April while BSB was on tour with NKOTB, and now it is happening!

If you find yourself distraught because Howie and Brian are absent from this photo, don't panic, because I can confirm that all five men are reuniting. Howie tweeted on Saturday
"On a plane headed to London where I will be catching up with my 4 other brothers from other mothers know as the BSB Crew. See you tomorrow!"

So rest assured, all 5 men are reuniting in London to record the groups eighth album.

Let the awesome love ballads and pop tunes commence.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Michael C Hall and an evening of Dexter music

On June 10, Angel and I got all fancy and headed to a concert at the Largo to see the fabulous composer, Daniel Licht. Licht is currently the composer for the showtime series, Dexter, though his resume is quite extensive. I have been a fan of Dexter for several years now, and for any of you who have not seen it I strongly encourage you to check it out. Well, after being a fan of the show for a couple years it wasn't until last summer at
San Diego Comic-Con, that I learned who about Daniel Licht. I was fortunate enough to find myself in a panel concerning musical composition in TV series, and was immediately impressed with Licht.

The panel featured Licht as well as the crew from Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra and Falling Skies.

Until that moment, I never thought about how the music in a series is made, or inspired, or really what the music represents. I absolutely love movie soundtracks. I love how a well placed song has the ability to bring you back to a particular scene and draws out in you the emotions the characters are feeling. However, I never really considered this in a series.

One thing that caught my attention about Daniel Licht while he was discussing Dexter compositions was his mention of tools like saws and knives that he utilizes as instruments. Everyday equipment that Dexter uses becomes a potential instrument. Additionally, he also made reference to instruments a particular indigenous tribe allowed him to use that are actually made of human bones. Needless to say, I was really impressed. So when I found out he was performing at the Largo and tickets were only $30, I jumped at the opportunity to hear him live. The promise of Michael C. Hall being there to introduce the show was an added bonus.

The show was so great. Michael C. Hall was adorable when he came out and introduced Mr. Licht and credited him for the success of the show. Oh my gosh, I was like 5 feet from him, I totally would have jumped up and grabbed him if I didn't think that was totally inappropriate.

Licht had a full orchestra on stage with him as they went through a large collection of Dexter pieces, including the blood theme. Licht was amazing, jumping around one piece to the next, shuffling through instruments, swapping a pair of scissors for a piano and knives for glasses filled with water. He blew me away. One of the most mind blowing moments was when he played the xylophone with a couple of bows. I never knew you could play the xylophone with bows. The players in his orchestra were also insanely talented. I would like to purchase the recording of the show and listen to it over and over again, reliving the live moment through sound.

Grant it my musical exposure is limited, but I'd say the show is a close second to the Sufjan Stevens show I caught at Zellerbach in 2007. Oh my gosh, live orchestras are so amazing!!!

The other highlight was meeting him after the show and talking to him a bit about his music.

Of course, the music immediately conjured up scenes from the show and I am now giddy with excitement at the thought of what the next season will bring when it premieres in September.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sister, Sister Reunion

Oh heeeeyyyyy!

via @TiaMowry

Tia and Tamara Mowry recently met up with Sister, Sister co-star Marques Houston at the first birthday party of Cree Cree.

Doesn't seeing the three together bring back happy memories of The WB? Also, doesn't it make you smile when you see that Marques grew out of that kind of awkward Roger stage and is looking mighty fine today?

This begs the question, will we ever see a Sister, Sister reunion? I suppose watching Tia and Tamara's reality show is kind of like watching a reunion, but seeing more of the costars in a sit-com scripted (not reality show scripted) environment would be fun in that "re-living my 90's glory days" sort of way. I miss my 90s glory days.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower call off engagement

Great news for Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley is back on the market!

Bonnie Wright, who portrayed the youngest Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise, has called off her engagement to Jamie Campbell Bower, whom she met on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I.

The couple announced their engagement in April 2011 but never set a date. Bower and Wright have both kept busy schedules since the engagement and it appears that might be the reason for the split. The two English actors have been playing the long distance game with Wright in America filming Shakespeare's Daughter, meanwhile Bower in England where he is preparing for his third franchise, The Mortal Instruments.

Let's not forget that Bower plays a Volturi in the Twilight Saga, so this Twilight/Harry Potter relationship was probably doomed from the start. Sparkly vampires and badass wizards are like water and oil, they don't mix.

It is always sad to see a couple fizzle out, especially when the couple looked so happy walking the red carpet together last year! Alas, young love is a fickle thing. With both of them pursuing the crazy life of an actor, it is no surprise that they are calling it quits.

Bonnie doesn't look to beat up over the split, last week she appeared relaxed and full of life on the New England set of Shakespeare's Daughter.
Photo from @NancyHemingway1

Wright also recently graduated from London College of Communication and in May she made a directorial debut in Cannes with an 11-minute short titled, Separate We Come, Separate We Go. Needless to say, Wright has probably had very little time to plan a wedding, let alone be in a relationship.

And, on the bright side, now we can continue to pretend that she and Daniel RadcliffeHarry Potter will live happily ever after together.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pixar's, Brave

After some initial hesitation, I saw Brave last weekend with some friends. The result? I surprisingly enjoyed it.

Generally speaking, if I hear Pixar associated with a movie, I love it without question. Pixar has not failed me yet, I even admit that I loved Cars 2 despite it's relatively poor reviews. However, I was a little skeptical about Pixar taking on a "princess" movie when, to me, that signals the ultimate Disney sell-out.

Now, I mean no Disney bashing in this remark because I love Disney movies (and tv shows for that matter), but I fully expect Disney creations to be some updated version of a story that has already been told. Disney excelled in the 90's at taking an unoriginal idea (Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame,...) and turning it into a favorite movie among kids. I love that, I wish Disney still had that talent.

On the other hand, with Pixar, I expect originality and tears. With Brave, I ultimately walked out having enjoyed a sufficient amount of both those ingredients. The story was very similar to other princess stories: a young princess is forced to do something she doesn't want to do and seeks to prove to her mother/father/family that she doesn't have to conform to these archaic rules because she should be free to follow her heart. Ugh, being a princess can be so difficult.

However, the film still carried the charm and warmth that only Pixar can produce. I laughed, I cried. The characters were fun, the accents were endearing, the animation fabulous.

Merida, the princess of the story, is a loud, rambunctious, tom-boy of a princess who would rather gallop through the forest on her horse, shooting arrows, than be confined to a castle learning proper etiquette. She is a fun character, full of life, and her main of red curly hair is captivating. I found myself distracted by her hair more than once during the film. It is

When I think about the qualities I loved in 90's princesses
-brave (Mulan)
-independent (Belle, Jasmine)
-love for learning (Belle)
-selfless (Mulan, Belle)

I see that Merida only exhibits the first two, although by the end of the story I think she learns to embody the last. On the other hand, when I think of the qualities I despised about earlier Disney princess:
-helplessness (Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella)

I am glad that Merida does not embody those older traits. I love those earlier films, but let's face it, the movies reflect women of a different generation.

Merida is a girl who isn't going to let anyone tell her what she can't do or who she has to be. She is going to make mistakes, but she is also going to do everything she can to try and make things right.

side observation: the Scottish theme resulted in many animated butts being shown. I think there was more nudity than all other Pixar films combined.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Zaboo'd at Thrilling Adventure Hour. The Guild Season 6!?

Another Thrilling Adventure Hour has come and gone. Jon and Paula went with me to the June showing, it was their first time! They really enjoyed the show and suggested a return trip, so clearly I'm not overselling this thing. Why haven't you all come with me yet?

June saw a very dramatic cliff-hanger in Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars, when the very inebriated Croach the Tracker (Mark Gagliardi) was shot and (please don't let it be) killed? Nooo!!!!! No show in July means I have to wait until August to find out the fate of the little blue Martian, Croach.

The notable guest star for the evening was George Wendt who played a former Marshal on Mars threatening the life of Sparks and Croach. Busy Phillips returned as The Red Plains Rider, the red plains rider! *insert theme music* Whenever the Red Plains Rider returns, there is always a glimmer of hope that a Cactoid Jim (Nathan Fillion) story-line might be soon to follow.

Jon was bummed that he didn't get to see any Firefly or Chuck guests, so I keep reminding him he should come to more if he wants to increase his chances. He knows I am right, but still blames me as though I have some input in who makes the line-up. Brothers, blaming you for things you have no control over since the day you were born.

We did see Sandeep Parikh from The Guild at the show, so we were only 2-degrees of separation from Nathan! Parikh was there enjoying the show with a lady friend and, while she was in the bathroom, I took it upon myself to approach him for a picture. He was in the middle of texting someone but was nice enough to pose for a picture and let me ask him questions about The Guild. The news is that he is tight-lipped on details and wouldn't spill a word! *le sigh* At least I tried.

In the meantime, I shall enjoy the newest music video from The Guild and Jed Whedon. Check out I'm the One That's Cool