Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who am I?

Since the first Who am I? featuring Ms. Kelly Kapowski, Jr., was such a hit with Molly, here we go again...

The game: guess my celebrity mom and/or dad

1) My mom is an actress best known for her role on a hit TGIF show, and my dad is a professional hockey player
2) I also have a famous uncle who starred as a TV trouble child in the 80s. He is now a reformed man who speaks openly and often about religion.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Look what came out today...

The first (I say first as though there will be more...) joint New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys (NKOTBSB) album hit the shelves today. I know this album is small beans compared to the monster show that is Lady Gaga, but I shall be loyal to my boy bands forever and always.

As a side note, do you all remember a time when new albums always dropped on Tuesday and new movies opened in theaters on Friday? I kind of miss those days.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who am I?


While doing my normal Twitter rounds, I found this adorable celebrity baby pic and decided it's time to play a game.

The game: guess my celebrity mom and/or dad

1) My mom once played a peppy high school cheerleader who broke the heart of her high school sweetheart when she fell for her boss. It's ok though, the two rekindled their love in college and later married in an elaborate outdoor wedding in Vegas.

start your guessing...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taylor Swift Premieres New 'Mean' Video

Taylor Swift is back in America and gearing up for the sold-out Speak Now US Tour.

You know what that means?

Well, it means a lot of things, but for the purpose of this post it means that she is releasing new singles and premiering new music videos! She shot two videos back in April, and yesterday CMT premiered the first of the two, "Mean."

I love so many of the songs off Speak Now because they explore new sounds and genres; it is so nice to have an album of 12-13 songs that don't sound identical. "Mean" features Taylor Swift on banjo, and demonstrates Taylor's (and her bands) ability to tackle bluegrass. Always relevant and relate-able, this new tune, aptly titled, is a song about people who have bullied or mistreated the singer. With the opening line "You, with your words like knives and swords and weapons that you use against me. You, have knocked me off my feet again and got me feeling like a nothing," Taylor goes on to say that regardless of how mean you are to me:

"Someday I'll be living in a big 'ol city and all you're ever gonna be is mean. Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me and all you're ever gonna be is mean. Why you gotta be so mean?"

I love it. I sing it aloud in my car to the guys who have burned me and the friends who have abandoned me. It gives me a feeling of sweet satisfaction. Also, it seriously encourages me to do something great so they'll regret ever hurting me.

They'll rue the day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teen Icon Revisited: Michael Bower

I, like many people, spend an insane amount of time invested in my Netflix Instant Queue. My recent addiction: Monk.

The great thing about television shows is the random cameos and guest stars, this is how I keep up with some of my former favs who have slipped into obscurity. Tonight I bring you Michael Bower, aka Donkeylips, alumni of Camp Anawanna, and random man in anger management class on Episode 12, Season 4 of Monk.

This is in the same vein as my teen dream revisited segment; however, he is less a teen dream than the others revisited, thus far.

Aside from his guest role on Monk, he has done a variety of other guest starring roles, including a recent episode of Bones that aired in April. It kind of makes me sad that so many actors from my childhood have gone into obscurity, and even more so when I realize they are still in Hollywood they just have not been able to match the greatness of their early career. I guess it is hard to top something like Salute Your Shorts, and to be fair I don't think a replica of that show would get far these days...also, I haven't seen that show in a long time so I don't even know how I'd feel about that show these days. If only Netflix would add more of my childhood favorites to instant queue.

On the bright side, don't forget that many of our favs will soon be returning :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Teen Dream Revisited - Jaleel White

Its a rare condition in this day and age
To read any good news on the newspaper page
Love and tradition of the grand design,
Some people say its even harder to find.
Well then there must be some magic clue
Inside these gentle walls
Cause all I see is a tower of dreams
Real love burstin out of every seam.
Family Matters, Full House, Step by Step, and Boy Meets World are the four TGIF shows that defined my Friday nights as a child. While I was falling for bad boy Shawn Hunter on BMW, I was also falling for the suave, sexy (ok, at 10 I was probably not thinking sexy) Stefan Urquelle. The idea that Steve Urkel and Stefan Urquelle were played by the same person was beyond mind blowing to my pre-teen brain. Stefan was so confident, good looking, and smooth with the ladies, no way was he the same guy as Urkel!
In retrospect, the show probably had a pretty bad message when you consider that Steve Urkel had to create a machine to tranform his DNA in order to turn himself into a cool guy before Laura would even consider giving him the time of day. And then that whole, Steve dating Myra thing while Laura was falling for Stefan is a little weird; regardless, I love this show.

What has Jaleel White been up to since he left Steve and Stefan for good? Like the other level-headed 90s teen television stars, he attended and graduated college. He graduated from UCLA Film School in 2001. Seriously, these kids from the 90s are awesome, no wonder we all turned out so normal. It pains me to think what the generation raised on 2000s TV will become...

I keep up with Jaleel on Twitter (because we are tots bff, duh!) and this is what I know: 1) according to his bio, he once got busy in a Burger King bathroom. 2) he approves of Tia Mowry, husband (some actor I've never heard of), and the soon to come addition 3) he has a daughter 4) he recently did some community service (picture below)
And, my own Psych addiction tells me that he was in an episode in 2009, along with fellow 90s guy, Keenan Thompson.

Next up for him, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.