Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tom Felton Can Pump My Gas Anyday

@TomFelton #oscarsdinner en route home with in'n'out

A post-Oscars post to celebrate how attractive Tom Felton looks and to give a shout out to In'n Out.

No wins for Harry Potter, but at least we have Felton to cheer us up after this loss.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Drug Charges Can't Keep Robin Thicke From Las Vegas

My friend Lena was in Vegas over the weekend for a medical conference and this presented itself as the perfect excuse to drive to Vegas for a nice vacation.

Angel and I drove out Saturday morning and got to Vegas with plenty of time to grab some of my favorite fried chicken at Raising Cane's
I have driven to Vegas with the sole intention of eating Raising Cane's, thus starting the trip with this delicious meal set a precedent for awesome. To top off the Cane's experience, as I was ordering my food 'Someone Like You' by Adele came on and everyone in the restaurant started singing it. I'm not even kidding, it was amazing.

The afternoon progressed with a very lazy and fulfilling Boy Meets World marathon in the hotel room while Angel and I waited for Lena to conclude her conference. I don't care where I am, I will always choose watching Boy Meets World over going out if it is on television.

Classic 90s, they just don't make 'em like that anymore.

The marathon conveniently ended when Lena's conference ended, so we took the first-time Vegas tourist to the strip for some sightseeing.

The sightseeing consisted mostly of us visiting the Bellagio and Paris Hotels/Casinos since they are nearest to Planet Hollywood where we were staying. I think we spent an hour sightseeing. Although that is a rather lame attempt at tourism, the little time sightseeing was made totally worth it when we ran into Mark Salling of Glee.

Random celebrity sightings are not very frequent in my life, and even less frequent in medical school student Lena's life, so this was a very lucky day for us. Salling was totally not in the mood to be recognized or to be photographed and all photo requests from fans were politely denied. I respect that, no means no. In the future he should try harder to be inconspicuous if he doesn't want to be recognized, dude didn't even cover the mohawk with a hat or put on sunglasses, so he wasn't trying very hard to be unseen. Plus, he looks exactly like Puck in real life, like he was even wearing clothes that I'm pretty sure Puck has worn on Glee. Oh well, the only image I have is that in my head that I would telepathically communicate to you if I had that gift. For now, you shall just have to believe me.

The brief sightseeing was followed by us returning to our hotel for dinner at Earl of Sandwich and to get ready for the night of going out. It was at this point that we discovered Pride and Prejudice was on television (the Kiera Knightley version) so naturally we watched this. I'm not even a fan of this version, but I love Jane Austen's story so much I can't help but watch it. At this point, I could have concluded my trip and felt it totally worth it.

We then glammed it up for a night of dancing at The Bank. I have officially doubled my nightclub quota for the year and feel pretty good to have that goal met when it is just February. They say two is better than one, and I guess I would agree that that this second outing for the year was better than the first. Especially when you consider that this time I got to see Robin Thicke perform..

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I am pretty much the luckiest girl in the world.

Raising Cane's, Boy Meets World marathon, Mark Salling, and Robin Thicke at The Bank, were equally gratifying. Angel says this is because we are so well-rounded, I think it is because we are just a couple simpletons.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is NOT Married

I hadn't considered the possibility that JTT was married because I'm not married so how on earth could my future husband be married? However, Danielle Fishel responded to a tweet recently regarding a marriage: "Just outta curiousity, did you marry Jonathan Taylor Thomas? I've heard that on the grapevine, If so, LUCKY GIRL!"

To which Topanga Danielle replied: "no, neither of us are married but he's one of my bf's for life."

So, just in case any of you thought he was married, rest assured we have not yet eloped and when we do I will be sure to mail you the elopement announcement. Or, at the very least, announce it on Twitter or Facebook.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tom Felton settles into life in Los Angeles

As you might recall, Tom Felton (the beautiful Brit who played villian Draco Malfoy in all the Harry Potter movies) has recently moved to America. Along with his pup Timber and girlfriend Jade, the three have been settling into life in Los Angeles.

I, of course, have been following his assimilation into American culture very obsessively via his Twitter feed and I figure now is a great time to share with you what I have gathered thus far.

So far, Tom has learned very important lessons:
1) Queen size sheets do not fit onto a King size bed regardless of how persistent you are at stretching the sheets.

2) It's good living with a girl because it means homemade cookies

3) With regards to size, "It's not how big it is, it's what you do with it."

4) There is little danger of an elevator dropping uncontrollably.

5) And, this is not a lesson so much as something that makes me happy, Felton and Radcliffe are still friends: Saw mr radcliffe last night, he played with timbers all night she absolutely loved him! can't wait to see #womaninblack who's seen it?x

In other Felton news,

and according to Deadline: "Tom Felton is in negotiations to star opposite Elizabeth Olsen and Glenn Close in Therese Raquin. Written and set to be helmed by acclaimed theater director Charlie Stratton, the film’s being produced by William Horberg and Mickey Liddell. Close is attached for the role of Madame Raquin, and Olsen for Therese, who, with her lover Laurent, murder her husband (Felton), a sick boy that Madame Raquin forced Therese to marry. After Therese later marries her true love, the couple is haunted by the ghost of the dead husband and it poisons their love into all-consuming hatred."

Neil Patrick Harris and his handsome hubby David Burtka hit the Grammys

I just can't get over how attractive they are as a couple.

@ActuallyNPH: Pimpin' in our dope Grammy ride

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Thrilling Adventure Hour Is The Best Hour-plus Of Radio You Will Ever See/Hear

Remember that time I met Nathan Fillion and other celebs at The Largo in Beverly Hills?

You may not recall, as it occurred on the epic first weekend of November that involved All That reunions and my first Thrilling Adventure Hour, but I would like to take this moment to ask that you march your butt over to to listen to some of The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcasts. If you don't enjoy them, then you are probably a robot with no funny bone in your body.

Chances are, as you continue to read this post, you are not listening to The Thrilling Adventure Hour despite my practically begging you above. This might be because you are at work and unable to listen, if that is the case, I forgive you; however, you have no excuse to not email yourself right now a reminder with the link right now so that when you return home you can listen while you work out, cook, clean, or, if you are me, laze around doing nothing because you are too tired and/or lazy to do anything by the time you make it home.

A little bit about the show (taken directly from the shows website): "A sophisticated comedy sprinkled with affectionate homage to 1940’s era radio, the Thrilling Adventure… program features three non-serialized serials in each episode, as well as jingles and messages from sponsors such as Patriot Brand Cigarettes (“Good for your Constitution”)."

My favorite segment is Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, starring Marc Evan Jackson. There are at least four reasons why I love this segment:

1) The voice acting is fabulously done. Honestly, this is true for all the segments. Unlike with movies and shows which provide a picture and animation to compliment the dialogue, the verbal execution of lines in a radio show is all you get and the players in The Thrilling Adventure Hour have mastered that talent. Although I strongly encourage you find a way to catch the show live so you can see the performance and meet some of the players, if you don't reside in Southern California then listening to the podcasts on Nerdist or downloading them for free from iTunes is a great alternative.

2) A space/cowboy drama-comedy, how can you possibly go wrong with that? It worked for Firefly, it works for The Thrilling Adventure Hour. (NOTE: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars is in no way to be compared to Firefly. The similarity basically ends at the space/cowboy theme. Although, Nathan Fillion does make an occasional guest appearance in Sparks Nevada.)

3) Marc Evan Jackson is like my new favorite person.
First of all, he has the triple name thing going. I love it, it is so JTT of him. Secondly, he recently guest-starred on an episode of Psych which is basically my favorite show on cable TV. Thirdly, he seems like a genuinely nice and funny individual. Angel and I met him after the December show and at that moment I basically decided that I loved him. I already loved Sparks Nevada because it is hilarious, but now I love the one who plays Sparks Nevada.

4) This kind of goes along with number 3, I am just reaffirming his niceness. I recently tweeted my love for Sparks Nevada and Marc Evan Jackson as said character, and he totally replied to me.
Now, I realize I have talked to him in real-life and I even have photographic proof of us meeting, but you have to understand that in my mind getting a tweet from an actor/musician/writer/director/other famous person I love is immensely gratifying. Since I get text alerts for tweets sent to me, his tweet came in the form of a text with is basically getting a text from him.

So why do I write about this? Because Saturday is the first Saturday of the month which means...The Thrilling Adventure Hour!!!!! So excited. Stay tuned for all the wonderful details and, more importantly, the awesome pictures.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guess Who

Guess who my former-90's TV star, mom is...

This little one has been featured before with his younger brother, but this time you get to see his "it's my birthday party!" happy-face.

To recap the previous hints: Mommy starred in two popular 90's shows for kids/teens and is now starring in an ABC Family sitcom.

For a picture of "The family singing happy birthday. Check out his awesome air craft carrier cake..."