Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who Am I?

The game: guess my celebrity mom and/or dad

Not gonna lie, I've been pretty disappointed with your overall inability to identify these children. Now, I can't blame you entirely. I realize that my clues have been sometimes too vague and that I shouldn't expect you to all have the same obsessive knowledge of celebrities. Thus, I shall try and give more clues within my clues to help you. However, I stand by the fact that my clues for the last Who Am I? were superbly written and you should all be disappointed in yourselves since my mom figured it out on the first clue alone.

1) Our mom first garnered fame when she explained it all as the lead in a popular Nickelodeon sitcom in the early 90s.
2) She then spent 7 years as a teenage witch before briefly retiring from the role as lead in a sitcom.
3) In 2010 she returned to TV and joined a male 90s TV star on a new ABC Family sitcom that shares both their names.
4) Our mommy is....

1 comment:

  1. I feel like this post is directed specifically at me...but then you used the pronoun "yourselves" so maybe I'm over thinking it. Anyway...this is a MUCH easier one. Had it on the first clue. Melissa Joan Hart. Not sure who she is married to.