Sunday, August 28, 2011

Does Anyone Remember...Bobby's World

Bobby's World was one of those shows I know I watched (probably religiously because TV was my religion as a child) but I remember next to nothing about.

Dontcha know I can't remember plot line or characters, but I can not forget Mrs. Generic's voice. I hear that voice everywhere. I especially hear this voice when Molly falls into her Minnesota accent. Now, I'm not entirely sure where the show takes place and thus what the actual accent is. Howie Mandel is Canadian, but I tend to think Canadians and Mid-Westerners speak with similar pronunciations, and for that reason "Dontcha know" is both my go-to Mid-West phrase and my go-to Canada phrase. Also, I'm pretty confident that phrase is as popular out there as "hella" is to my NorCal friends.

In my quest to learn more about this long forgotten show, I did some research. Did you know this show ran for 8 years? I do not remember it spanning that much of my childhood. How about that Howie Mandel, in 2006, mentioned the desire to remake the series? Bobby even had a guest spot on Deal or No Deal.

Man, I'm learning all kinds of stuff from Wikipedia today.


  1. I also loved this show, but can't remember what it was about. Did Bobby do things to make his older sister mad. I think there was a weird uncle too. Basically a sitcom in cartoon form made for children.

    Also, people don't say "don't cha' know" here, but they should. I'll work on making it happen if you work on coming to visit me.

  2. Molly, I'm totally counting on you to spread "don't cha' know" like a California wildfire.