Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brenda Song To Join Mommy Club

Though I have yet to hear any confirmed reports (the Cyrus clan has remained mum on Twitter), SUPPOSEDLY Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus (above tattooed individual) have a baby on the way. Chances are you recognize Ms. Song from the Disney channel (Suite Life) but she also played crazy/psycho gf who burns things in The Social Network. As for the baby daddy, if you have heard of Trace it is probably because of his last name. I like to think I know my audience, and so I'm fairly confident none of you listen to his music, and therefore you may have heard his name thrown around in some Cyrus related news/drama. Also...erm, he may have dated Demi Lovato.

Twitter has been abuzz with the Brenda Song/Trace Cyrus story and everyone has a thought or question about the news.
@Dreamsdcometrue Brrr, I wouldn't want to be pregnant with Trace Cyrus' baby. He scares me :|
@xoxomitchiexoxo I was looking at the tweets about Trace Cyrus & someone called him 'gothic'. Labels are for soup cans people.
@Skyscraper4Demi What if Trace Cyrus's & Brenda Song's baby comes out w/ tattoos covered head to toe & the baby's first word is YEY MEE

I even read someone mention an unexplained desire to stab Trace; people be cray-cray!

I for one think the excessive tattooing of the body can only lead to postponed regret. Your options will be some hefty medical bills later in life for laser removal treatments, and/or serious regret when the skin starts a' sagging and the tats look disgusting, and/or regret when the tattoos become no longer relevant. Personal choice, I know. I personally choose not to and when asked I will advise against it for above reasons.

For most people, I think the news is just surprising because Trace is the anti-Disney to Brenda's clean-cut Disney image. Is this her act of rebellion? Disney stars are kind of bred to be perfect little role models, and then they grow up and throw it all to the wayside. Is Brenda trying to shed her Disney appeal? Will her role of unwed mother (unless of course they do a quickie before the baby is born) affect her appeal among viewers, parents, and Disney executives?

My initial thought is, who cares? And then I read comment sections of articles and realize that some parents really analyze that type of stuff. Since I am not a mother, and all of my loyal readers (at least the ones I know about, not so sure about the creepers) are also not mothers, I want to know as a not-parent, what your thoughts are.

Let's look at the facts:
He is 21 and she 22, so they aren't kids anymore. Although she still seems to be cast in kid roles. Additionally, the Suite Life ceased production so its not as though parents will have to explain to their children why London Tipton is pregnant

Brenda Song is not the first (nor will she be the last) Disney starlet to depart from the wholesome Disney upbringing, so feel free to consider the alternatives (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Auntie Miley Cyrus, etc.).


  1. Are you loving how on top of this whole commenting thing I am today?

    It's hard not to cast judgment about this sort of situation. Sure, they are adults, but very young ones, who will undoubtedly be in for some challenging times. At least they have the money to support a kiddo. Hopefully this doesn't kill Brenda's acting career. She's obviously done with Disney. It might be tough to branch out now with a kid in tow. Luckily this kid will have Miley as an aunt...such a great role model.

  2. Babies are catching!

    Can you believe Hillary Duff is preggers? Super crazy...

  3. Molly: I'm very much loving it. Also, I should note that Brenda Song is working on a project with Disney where she provides the voice for a fairy in Pixie Hallow. Since she is just a voice, not a face, will the pregnancy affect that relationship?

    Susan: So crazy, I remeber when Hilary was on Lizzie McGuire! How is she old enough to have children? Also, she has remained pretty tame in her post Disney days. Ok there was that weird lesbian kiss in Gossip Girl and that one movie where she puts a scorpion in her pants...but for some reason I still see her as Lizzie. I guess bc in her personal life she is so put together. Maybe it doesn't matter the roles she plays, I'll respect her for keeping it all together.