Sunday, August 28, 2011

MTV Still Plays Music Videos?

The MTV Video Music Awards was tonight, woohoo!

Wait a minute, MTV still plays music videos?

That would be a negative.

Actually I have no idea. Does anyone watch MTV for the music anymore? The last time I checked the channel was mostly comprised of lame reality shows. How sad to see that MTV fell into the same fate as it's sister network, VH1. I use to love I Love The .

Regardless of the reality show to music video ratio, apparently MTV still thinks it is enough invested in the music industry to host a music video award. Truthfully, I think an MTV Reality Show Awards show is more appropriate, but whatevs.

So anyways, here is what you should know about what went down tonight.

1) Selena Gomez hosted the pre-show and had an awkward (or adorable, you decide) interview with BF Justin Bieber that was sealed with a kiss for the whole world to see

O-M-G. Did he really just say "my snake's name is Johnson"? So many things wrong with that statement coming from a 17-year old in an interview with his girlfriend!!!

And to make it more awkward/inappropriate:
@ddlovato: @biebcyrusx: @justinbieber showing @ddlovato his SNAKE ! HAHAHA LMAO.…” @justinbieber you're crazy!!!!

2) Beyonce showed off her pregnant self. Yes, that is right, the future ruler of all music is currently brewing in Beyonce's belly.

3) Kanye and Jay-Z performed, and according to Victoria Justice:
@VictoriaJustice: HAHA. The funniest & most bizarre thing just happened during the Jay-Z & Kanye performance. I hope they show it, u guys have to watch.
That tweet was preceded by:
@VictoriaJustice Omg guys!!! Jessie J just performed "Price Tag" & I saw someone FALL off the top balcony behind her!! I'm freaking out. I hope they're OK!
Really? You think you see someone fall from the top balcony and you think, "I must tweet this to let my fans know." Sounds like a fabulous evening.

4) Demi Lovato looked all kinds of confident in a tight silver dress and big smile. Unfortunately, haters gotta hate. In response to some comments about her weight, Demi took to Twitter (at the show) to tell them off
@ddlovato: I've gained weight. Get over it. That's what happens when you get out of treatment for AN EATING DISORDER :) #UNBROKEN #920
I like the placement of the :) after the all caps statement, it really tells us that she is mad, but she is not gonna let those haters rain on her parade.
And then fellow Joe Jonas ex-gf, Ashley Greene, tweeted right back to Demi
@AshleyMGreene: girl... your beautiful @ddlovato
@ddlovato: @AshleyMGreene this is why you're my friend.. Thank you girl.
proper your/you're usage: Demi-1, Ashley-0
If J. Jonas-exes can make peace, then surely the rest of the world is not far behind. Demi continued to confront the bullies
@ddlovato: Guess what, I'm healthy and happy, and if you're hating on my weight you obviously aren't. :) #UNBROKEN

I love that Demi is not afraid to address the ridiculous comments publicly, especially because if media outlets are the ones commenting on her weight than chances are many young girls are going to hear that criticism and be fed these insane and unrealistic ideas about how women should look. Demi looks beautiful, so just get over it hyper-critical perfectionists who don't know what it looks like to be healthy and happy, and who criticize others in an attempt to hide their own insecurities. Team Demi!

And, just because, let's look at what Casper has to say about Demi
@DevonESawa Demi Lovato looks like a beautiful young lady. Via @cadlymack

Well, friends, that about sums it up for you. If you didn't catch the show, don't worry I didn't either. But, now you can totally contribute to conversation about the event and pretend like you did.

Your welcome.

I kid. I kid.

You're welcome.

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