Sunday, August 21, 2011

Does Anyone Remember...Cherry Merry Muffin

This evening, while perusing my Celeb Twitterfeed, I can across the following tweet from Christina Applegate:
Does anyone remember they have a myspace page? I just did. Forgot about that...mmm

This got me thinking about all the things that have been left by the wayside of life. Toys I thought I couldn't live without, movies I watched so much as a child that to this day I can recite the dialogue from memory, and for me there was that one pair of shoes I wanted to wear everywhere regardless of practicality or style.

I know I'm not the only one who has jumped from one fad to another, we (Americans) are a very fickle people. Social media, like Myspace and Xanga, is really just one of the more recent trends. The list of things we thought we couldn't live without one minute, only to toss it aside the next is endless (quite literally since we are constantly creating new and forgetting the old--pun intended).

While some of those things might make you cringe with regret, even more of those things, I believe, elicit a comforting feeling of nostalgia when you remember them.

To begin this new segment:
Meet Cherry Merry Muffin

"She cooks sweet and looks sweet and smells sweet too."
Upon watching this commercial again, I realize there may be some subliminal messaging regarding females in a kitchen, but that does not in anyway change my feelings about this collection.

Cherry Merry, Chocolottie, Betty Berry, Penny Peppermint, Lily Vanilly, I had them all and I loved them all. My love for them was so intense that it created jealousy in the hearts of people close to me. In fact, when I was younger, my older sister became jealous of my love for these dolls. She was so jealous that she had the nerve to chop off Miss Betty Berry's hair. I cried. After I cried, I unleashed revenge on one of her unsuspecting Barbie dolls. Poor Betty Berry was never the same after that...

I wish I knew what became of these dolls in my life. I miss them. Like so many toys, they have disappeared from my life with no explanation. I remember the noise the gingham trim made when I walked them from oven to table in the kitchen set. I remember that the Cherry Merry Muffin refrigerator was shaped like a carton of milk. And, I remember the smell of the dolls and the muffins, each doll had her own unique scent that matched the muffins she baked. Let me just say, they really did live up to the "smells good too" jingle. That smell lasted. When I was in middle school or high school, I found a set of Betty Berry muffins while sorting through old toys and they still smelled delicious despite the years.

If you, like me, are looking to relive some of those childhood memories involving Cherry Merry Muffin and the gang, you should totally check out Merry Muffin Land. Also, there are some surprisingly great deals on ebay.


  1. So...before I watched the youtube I thought that this post was about this cupcake doll thing that I used to have whose skirt (which was the cupcake base) would flip in and then her cupcake frosting hat would sit on top concealing the doll and looking like a giant cupcake. Yes? That existed, right??

  2. Yes, that existed! Also, I'm pretty sure me or my friend had a wedding one where instead of a cupcake, she folded into a champagne glass. Very kids appropriate.


    Does this explain our generations extreme love for cupcakes?