Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who Am I?

The game: guess my celebrity mom and/or dad

Two children, two celebrity parents

1) Dad is a famous musician who is the lead singer in a Good band with his brother
2) Mom is a former reality star, an author, a designer, and then some. She was born in Berkeley, CA (that fact is just for you)
3) Grandpa (mom's dad) is a famous musician who taught us our first word, "Hello" <---that is a blatant lie, I just have that song stuck in my head


  1. No clue...some one from Hanson????

  2. I know! They are Nicole Ritchie's and Joel Madden's (Good Charlotte)kids! Lionel Ritchie is the Grandfather.

  3. Oh Molly, there would be like 10 kids in the picture if it was someone from Hanson :P