Friday, August 19, 2011

Exes Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Make Nice

Sheesh, no one told me it'd been 12 days since I last posted. I promise it is not because I haven't thought about posting. I have thought so many times about posting, and there have been some pretty great things I was gonna post about too. However, words without action are just lazy.

But here is something quick because my computer battery is about to die and I want to post something now before I let another 12 days go by unposted.

Demi Lovato is about to celebrate her 19th birthday, and what a year it has been. From Joe Jonas to a treatment center to a new album, she has kind of had an eventful 18th year. Despite it all, one thing that has always been evident is that she does not want drama (ok, I realize the whole punching her friend in the face was kind of dramatic, but besides that). Demi has tried to keep things simple, unlike some stars, Demi never starts drama regarding exes or friends who have done her wrong. She keeps it civil, and I think that shows she has class.

Recently Demi performed her hit single Skyscraper for the first time at the Do Something Awards, and even took home a couple awards herself. She and ex-Joe Jonas shared the win for "Do Something Song" for their Disney duet, Make A Wave. Keeping it all professional and drama-free, the two shared congratulations last night over Twitter.

Now, I gotta admit I've been a hater of Joe Jonas for at least a year (maybe two). I mean, boy is a playa. When Taylor Swift told us how Joe broke her heart while he was giving his heart to Camilla Belle, and then Joe Jonas broke up with Demi and hooked up with Ashley Greene! Seriously, boy, you have no class.

Well, turns out that this recent exchange of friendly tweets coupled with the fact that Camilla broke Joe's heart and now the playa is no longer living with Ashley Greene, I may be warming up to the idea of him being not a total jerk.

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  1. It's gotta be annoying to have your high school drama filled life tracked by millions of people. Hopefully they'll grow out of it and not become train wrecks like many of their Disney predecessors.