Monday, September 24, 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dimples Will End World Hunger

It is about to get valley-girl up in here.

So, like, the other day I was watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Saturday Night Live and as he thrusted, gyrated, and stripped his way through the monologue, I couldn't help but notice his gorgeous dimples. I had fallen into those mischievous little curves in his cheeks that deepen with his smile, and I may be lost forever.

Fact: Dimples on a guy are, like, totally gorg. I shall submit two pieces of evidence to support this claim.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

As I gazed into those dimples, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of beauty would result from the cross pollination of my dimples with the dimples belonging to JGL. I concluded without doubt that JGL and I would have beautiful dimple-faced children and that, most definitely, our children's dimples will set a new standard of beauty. I shared said fact on Twitter.

Well, haters are gonna hate and there ain't nuthin I can do about that!

@YeahhStephanie was all like "Excuse me, stop fantasizing about my husband. Thank you." Then I was like, "pheessh girl you talking cray cray. My heart has been his since his long-haired days on 3rd Rock From The Sun." Yeah, I was totes digging the long haired guys of the 90s.

At this point in the argument I had the ball in my court and was on track to win it. However, in order to guarantee she did not re-gain control of the ball, I had to brandish proof of our budding relationship to win the match.

Ayoob backwards (Booya)! YeahhSteph, can have your Ryan Locthe

And I'll take JGL.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Full House 25th Anniversary Reunion!

Full House premiered 25 years ago!

That is insane. Sadly, I can not remember that day for I was only 1 years old. Fortunately, all the people in this picture are old enough to remember.

On Saturday, September 22 the cast of Full House had a reunion to commemorate the big anniversary. The hunky street rat Scott Weigner was even in attendance for the event, which was a Tanner family reunion (sans little Michelle Tanner who probably moved as far away from San Francisco as possible once she was old enough).

The Olsen Twins were sadly absent from the reunion, but it is not all that surprising. While the other cast members have remained good friends (Andrea Barber and Candace Cameron Bure recently trained for a mud run together, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos are routinely tweeting each other and hanging out, Lori Loughlin recently attended a performance of Best Man, starring John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Jodie Sweetin worked on a web-series together. etc.) the Olsen twins have been noticeably absent from these mini-reunions. In fact, the last time I remember seeing the Olsen twins with Full House cast members was at their New York Minute movie premiere in 2004. For all these reasons, their absence from the 25th anniversary is sad but not all that surprising.

Don't cry for them, they are doing just fine with their fashion empire. Still, it would be nice to see my childhood icons reunite.

Check out some pictures from the event that the cast members shared via social media (thank you, Twitter!).

And, let's not forget the New Kids on the Block dance party segment of the reunion. Jams brought to you by @DJMortyCoyle

Finally, because a post would not be complete without somehow tying me to it, check out this 2008 picture of me crossing off one of the items on my bucket list...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Frankie Muniz and the Malcolm in the Middle Reunion!

Frankie Muniz lives!

Remember how like 10 years ago that kid was in everything? While Malcolm in the Middle was on air, Frankie Muniz was on fire! He was even in Big Fat Liar with Amanda Bynes

I wonder what he thinks of this drunken madness?

As of late, Muniz has kept a low profile. Although he continues to act, he has also been focusing more on his music career and and currently plays the drums for Kingsfoil. (see video below)

Last weekend, Muniz attended the first Malcolm In The Middle cast reunion in 6 six years! I can't believe my brother didn't get an invite. I guess being the "boy with milk splashed on his face" just isn't cool enough for reunion status.

Oh well, I shall share with him the pictures and let him know what he missed. Thank you Instagram and FrankieMuniz4 for the photo recap!

No word from Muniz on what the occasion of the reunion was (photo shoot? TV special? good 'ol fun times with the TV family?) but he and the others are obviously very happy to reunite. Surprisingly, everyone looks pretty much how they did 6 years ago, plus of minus some facial hair. Muniz looks much younger than his 27-years. Of all the cast members, Bryan Cranston is having the most success these days, case in point: Breaking Bad.

Perhaps I shall dig up more on these folks at a later date and provide some detailed analysis as to how each has lived in the post-Malcolm years. However, for now, just enjoy some music featuring Muniz on drums.

New video from Kingsfoil - What Your Mother Taught You

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Thinks Amanda Bynes Is Getting Off Easy

Lindsay Lohan, my generations example of what can go wrong with child stars, recently took to Twitter to question the fairness of punishment for Amanda Bynes, who has now been charged with two misdemeanor counts of hit-and-run.

Poor Miss Lohan would like to know "Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far? +"

I'll save the fancy lawyer talk for you professionals, but what I think Miss Lohan seems to forget is that we have a judiciary process in America and that one has the right to a trial. She seems to forget that she herself went through several trials before being sentenced to serve jail time.

Like Miss Lohan, Miss Bynes has been arrested (for DUI) and she even gave us this beautiful mugshot to document the occasion:

Rest assured, Miss Lohan, Bynes' day in court will come and, just as you did, she will get an opportunity to fight the charges. Don't start hating on her or screaming "injustice!" until the judge has ruled.

With role models like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, I can't believe I don't have a drinking problem and criminal rap sheet. These women are the same age as me, I adored them as a child and teenager (I even cut school one day with some friends to go to a live filming of The Amanda Show), so it is rather upsetting to watch this downward spiral, again.

Same disaster, different young woman.

"Sources" are now claiming that Bynes might have some mental health issues. TMZ scoured the WeHo gym Bynes frequents for professional personal opinions of her mental state. TMZ notes that "One person says Amanda came to the gym Thursday looking dazed and began speaking with herself -- making comments and then answering back."

TMZ reports that a second gym member explained "when Amanda was on the elliptical, she would stop suddenly and start 'laughing hysterically for no reason.' She did this periodically throughout her workout. This person says he's seen her dozens of times in the last few months, and says it's apparent her condition is "deteriorating."

Let us leave diagnosis of mental health issues to the professionals. Being a member of Equinox gym in West Hollywood does not make you a mental health professional.

Matthew Lewis And His Mustache

Here is some Matthew Lewis mustache for your pleasure. Consider it my apology for the last two months of the silent treatment.

The moustache is in full flow tonight. Here he is doing his impression of Bill Paxton in True Lies. #sleazy

I know it doesn't make up for the unexplained silence, but I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

And here is Mr. Longbottom Lewis showing off his new wheels
@MattdavelewisSaturday morning rehearsals. Having a wheely good

"Wheely good time" hahahaha. I would say LOL, but I didn't actually laugh out loud, I laughed inside my head, so "hahahaha" seems more truthful. LIMH is also appropriate.