Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Frankie Muniz and the Malcolm in the Middle Reunion!

Frankie Muniz lives!

Remember how like 10 years ago that kid was in everything? While Malcolm in the Middle was on air, Frankie Muniz was on fire! He was even in Big Fat Liar with Amanda Bynes

I wonder what he thinks of this drunken madness?

As of late, Muniz has kept a low profile. Although he continues to act, he has also been focusing more on his music career and and currently plays the drums for Kingsfoil. (see video below)

Last weekend, Muniz attended the first Malcolm In The Middle cast reunion in 6 six years! I can't believe my brother didn't get an invite. I guess being the "boy with milk splashed on his face" just isn't cool enough for reunion status.

Oh well, I shall share with him the pictures and let him know what he missed. Thank you Instagram and FrankieMuniz4 for the photo recap!

No word from Muniz on what the occasion of the reunion was (photo shoot? TV special? good 'ol fun times with the TV family?) but he and the others are obviously very happy to reunite. Surprisingly, everyone looks pretty much how they did 6 years ago, plus of minus some facial hair. Muniz looks much younger than his 27-years. Of all the cast members, Bryan Cranston is having the most success these days, case in point: Breaking Bad.

Perhaps I shall dig up more on these folks at a later date and provide some detailed analysis as to how each has lived in the post-Malcolm years. However, for now, just enjoy some music featuring Muniz on drums.

New video from Kingsfoil - What Your Mother Taught You

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