Monday, September 24, 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dimples Will End World Hunger

It is about to get valley-girl up in here.

So, like, the other day I was watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Saturday Night Live and as he thrusted, gyrated, and stripped his way through the monologue, I couldn't help but notice his gorgeous dimples. I had fallen into those mischievous little curves in his cheeks that deepen with his smile, and I may be lost forever.

Fact: Dimples on a guy are, like, totally gorg. I shall submit two pieces of evidence to support this claim.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

As I gazed into those dimples, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of beauty would result from the cross pollination of my dimples with the dimples belonging to JGL. I concluded without doubt that JGL and I would have beautiful dimple-faced children and that, most definitely, our children's dimples will set a new standard of beauty. I shared said fact on Twitter.

Well, haters are gonna hate and there ain't nuthin I can do about that!

@YeahhStephanie was all like "Excuse me, stop fantasizing about my husband. Thank you." Then I was like, "pheessh girl you talking cray cray. My heart has been his since his long-haired days on 3rd Rock From The Sun." Yeah, I was totes digging the long haired guys of the 90s.

At this point in the argument I had the ball in my court and was on track to win it. However, in order to guarantee she did not re-gain control of the ball, I had to brandish proof of our budding relationship to win the match.

Ayoob backwards (Booya)! YeahhSteph, can have your Ryan Locthe

And I'll take JGL.

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