Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teen Dream Revisited: Scott Weinger

Most recognizable in my mind as D.J. Tanner's jock boyfriend who is always eating on Full House, Scott Weinger was an under appreciated 90s teen dream. I mean seriously, how many of you read the name in the title and thought, "Who?"

If you aren't familiar with his role in Full House then you should be ashamed of yourself. However, fortunately for you, he had an even more recognizable role!

Like fellow Teen Dream, JTT, Scott also lent his voice to Disney where he voiced the beloved street-rat turned prince, Aladdin. I had have the major hots for Aladdin and it is probably about 90% because when
I hear him:

I see him:

Supposedly, he does all the voice-over work for Aladdin: the movies, the shows, and all the many variations of video games, so if you ever want to reminisce you know where to find him :)

Also like some of his 90s counterparts, Scott stepped away from Hollywood for a bit to pursue higher education. Remember when he left Full House, wasn't that sad? However, I'm pretty sure I peed my pants when he showed up in the finale to take DJ to prom. *swoon*

The man who played the goofy jock on Full House went on to attend Harvard, where, according to his IMDb page, he graduated magna cum laude in 1998. Man, the 90s (well, technically the 80s/70s) really produced some amazing men. Will this generation of kids be as fortunate when it comes to Teen Dreams?

So what is Scott doing today?

He is still in Hollywood, though he now spends most of his time locked up in a writing room. Did any of you catch tonights 90210 episode? If not, you might consider watching it to show some support since that episode was written by Scott! He is currently on the 90210 writing staff, and has written previously for Privileged and What I Like About You.

If you want more information on what Scott is doing, follow his (unverified) Twitter @ScottWeinger

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