Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tom Felton Is In Los Angeles!

Tom Felton is in L.A., y'all! You know what this means, right? There is a great deal of In 'n Out in Tom Felton's future...and perhaps mine as well.

Aside from my nephew learning to walk, this is the best news I've heard all week.

Tom and his pup, Timber, have made it safely to Los Angeles. Thank you very much, British Airways.

Tom Felton makes for an adorable worried parent. Via Twitter, he shared his anxiety of handing Timber over to British Airways, sought words of encouragement from fellow travelers with pets, and, after they landed, exhibited a great deal of stress over not knowing where she was once they landed.

Two hours after they landed, he tweeted: "So we landed safely 2 hours ago....but still no sign of timber! C'mon BA give me back my dog! Where is she?! getting v.anxious x" British Airways tried to settle his nerves by reassuring Tom that everything was going to be ok, "@British_Airways: @TomFelton Hi Tom. We understand your concern but please be patient. You'll be reunited with Timber soon."

Fortunately, the two were eventually reunited and Tom shared his gratitude to British Airways for taking such good care of her: "Thanks again @British_Airways for taking such good care of my dog over such a long journey! X"

His deep concern and love for his dog make him exponentially more attractive.

After a stressful day of travel, the two are now getting settled into their hotel which, according to Tom, is the "Best hotel ever!"

It's true, look what they made for Timber:

And here is the first-time traveler enjoying her first American meal.
@TomFelton Eager to report my hound is healthy and happy. She's living it up LA style, room service dog food. Boo yah indeed x


  1. I have no idea who Tom Felton is. Thankfully, Google exists. I amm glad British Airways took grfeat care of the pup, as I will be flying with them in a few months with my own pup.