Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LA Just Got A Little Cooler

Thank you Tom Felton for giving me something more to dream about.

The man who I might as well dedicate this blog to has arrived in LA. I know not how long this stay will be nor do I know why he is in LA, what I do know is that after a poopy (that's right, I said it!!) day at work I could use some news like this.

Yes, I am aware that there are hundreds (well, thousands) of celebrities in LA at any given moment, but that doesn't stop me from celebrating.

Unfortunately, I doubt Mr. Hogwarts will make it to the 909 in the next day, and I doubt he'll come deliver pizza to me while I am stuck at a job I mostly loathe, BUT there is a glimmer of hope in my heart that maybe, just maybe, Tom Felton will make an appearance in San Diego at Comic-Con. There is an Awake (staring Jason Isaacs-- aka Lucius Malfoy) panel on Thursday that I hope to visit and I beleive that would be a perfect time to see the father-son duo! Oh dreams, how you both lift me up in hope and tearing me down in disappointment.

As a sidenote: In n Out is food SOOO overrated. Baker's all the way!!!!!!!

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