Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tom Felton Surprises Fans With Pizza

I love me some Tom Felton. Despite his 10-year run as Harry Potter's nemesis, Draco Malfoy, Tom has proven himself to be a pretty stand-up guy. Remember that time he talked me out of hating Twi-Hards for the recent MTV Movie Award disappointment? Well, earlier this week he proved himself once again to be a delightful fella' when he surprised some fans in New York with pizza. The fans were camping out along the streets of New York, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Harry Potter stars when they were quiet pleasantly surprised.

How I envy those fans.

Most of the cast of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 have been stateside for the New York premiere and American promotion-fest. Too bad all the action is in New York, on the inferior American coast (I speak in jealousy and rage). Fortunately, stars like Tom Felton are kind enough to keep us all in the loop via his Twitter feed!

Of delivering the pizza, Tom tweeted: "hope everyone who camped out is ok! sorry i couldn't get pizzas to all of you i was getting told to leave!x" He later added "i enjoyed my role as pizza delivery boy last night!"

Tom also shared this picture of him and Daniel Radcliffe (and Rupert in the background) with the caption: "Myself and Radcliffe after the show! Sad to be parting ways!"
It's got to be weird to think that next year there won't be a crazy media fest or another movie that will bring this group together again. I liken it to when I moved out of Berkeley and realized there would be no more dinners at The Castle or late nights/early mornings spent studying by the fireplace. Change can be so sad.

I feel your sadness, Harry Potter cast.

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  1. Tom is awesome. The one lady incessantly yelling "Tom! Tom! Can I have a picture Tom!" is not.