Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hugh Jackman and Jason Isaacs: Comic-Con 2011, day 1

My first day of Comic-Con has officially ended, and I'm tucking in early for another early day of waiting in lines, visiting panels, and collecting free stuff I'll probably never use. While the pins and comics will easily slip into the blackhole that is my room, the photos will keep the memories alive.

Here are some highlights from today (photos to follow later):
Hugh Jackman greeted fans after doing press for his new movie, Real Steel. That man is good looking. Wolverine greeted the crowd of fans with a heartfelt speech about how much he owes to his fans and how great we all are. Hear that, Hugh Jackman totally thinks I'm awesome, I am content.

Next up I swung by The Guild table where show creator (Felicia Day) and the cast were signing autographs. But why wait in line for an autograph when I can take pictures for freeeeeeeeeeeee! Still, Felicia Day totally makes me feel like I can be a nerd and proud. I hope to catch her tomorrow at the Eureka panel.

And lastly, I visited some panels in room 6A. I got to see a panel on music composition for tv which featured the producers and musical directors for Dexter, Falling Skies, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. I love that show and was greatly surprised when I learned I was sitting in a room where a panel featuring them. My original purpose was to see the Awake panel featuring Jason Isaacs (who voiced a character in Book 1 of Avatar), so when I got there early and chanced sitting through the prior panel, the day felt complete.

The Awake panel was great, despite the noticeable absence of Tom Felton. We got to watch the pilot episode and it was great. Jason Isaacs plays a man lost between dream and reality when he is in an accident that kills his wife and/or son. He lives to lifes, one in which his wife is killed and son survives, and the other in which his son is killed and wife survives. Unable to tell which is dream and which is reality, he struggles to come to terms with his situation. When he falls asleep in one life, he wakes up in the other. Meanwhile, he view back to work as a detective and must see a psychiatrist to help him deal with the grief. The only problem is that he has a different psychiatrist in each life and both have very compelling arguments on why their storyline is real and the other a dream.

The show was quite exciting and compels you to watch more to find out where the line separating dream and reality exists.

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