Monday, June 6, 2011

Tom Felton Celebrates Twilight Wins

Oh Tom Felton, how I swoon for you.

Just after I get done huffing and puffing over the disappointing losses of Harry Potter at the MTV Movie Awards, I notice he has posted on Twitter
Tom Felton: also lovely hp fans lets be happy for twilight for all there wins, it doesn't need to get all competitive, they are very well deserving!

Now, grammar jokes aside (as AJ put it "there/their/they're is Engli-versal") he is totally adorable for downplaying any competitive spirit between the two franchises. Yes, yes, the actors are all hard working and deserving of recognition for their work.

Also, I should point out that the awards are fan voted, so clearly the Harry Potter fans (myself included) did not adequately support the franchise. We'll get them next year.

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