Monday, June 6, 2011

Harry Potter Don't Get No Love From MTV

It has been many years since I felt a desire to watch anything on MTV, for this reason it should not surprise me that the list of winners at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards last night is rather disappointing. However, I still choose to be angry. Can we all just please agree that the Harry Potter franchise is far superior to the Twilight franchise? As I've said before, I closetly enjoy the Twilight books, and I did spend some 20 hours in Westwood in Novemeber 2009 to catch the red carpet premiere of New Moon (see picture above), but I still admit Harry Potter has more storyline, excitement, and general entertainment to offer.

So why did Harry Potter lose in every category it was against Twilight? The only HP win was for Mr. Tom Felton who won in the category of Best Villain, a category which was void of any Twilight nominees. Oh MTV viewers, how you continue to strip me of any hope for a decent future in cinema.

Despite the no-love reception at the MTV Movie Awards, fans were treated to a new sneak peek of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II.

And here is a previously released trailer, for your additional enjoyment

As an aside, they also premiered the new trailer for Breaking Dawn, Part I, at the MTV Movie Awards and I admit I enjoyed it.

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