Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sharing Time

I rarely hear from you two so let's change that. Today I'm instituting a sharing time. I'll share something about me, and you follow up with a comment about you. So, let's begin.

My first ever concert was a free concert at the LA County Fair when I was 10 years old and the performer was Weird Al. I don't know what possessed my mom to take me and my four siblings (aged 4-13) to the show except insane fandom. I dread the thought of taking a single small child to any sort of crazy hectic place like a fair or amusement park, yet my mom took her 5 children to the fair and then, after a long afternoon of doing "fun" kid stuff she braved waiting in line for general admission seating at a fairground concert with her five children arguing and whining at her feet (we were totally annoying children that grew into totally annoying adults). And now, thanks to her, I can say that my first experience into the world of concerts was Weird Al.

In honor of this, here is a new Weird Al song and video...

So, what was your first concert?

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  1. I don't remember...I want to say Newsboys, but I don't think that was my first concert. I think I just went to a lot of their concerts. It was probably some other random 90's Christian band. Maybe Five Iron Frenzy or Supertones. That sounds right.