Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Jodie Sweetin, aka Stephanie Tanner

January 19th, 2012 will forever be the day Stephanie Tanner turned 30 years old, and all of us felt the pain of realizing just how very old we are becoming.


First of all, I always felt like she was so much older than me and Michelle Tanner, so how is it that I hear 30 and think, "Oh, I'll be there soon." Secondly, when did any of us become adults because I'm pretty sure we are all still the exact same age as we were when Full House ended. Wait a minute, in my mind Full House never ended, so how could Stephanie be 30 when I saw her the other day and she was just 14 years old?

Well, regardless of what I think, Jodie Sweetin is indeed 30 years old now, and she celebrated last night with some friends. Uncle Joey jammed on his harmonica at the event, isn't that just soooo Joey Gladstone?

The rest of the Tanner family appears to have been absent from the event. My guess is that Michelle was off with Teddy getting crunk in the East Bay (because the East Bay is obviously superior in terms of crunkiness than SF). Uncle Jesse is off on his 'Jesse and the Rippers' Reunion tour in Asia. DJ couldn't find a babysitter for her kids and her husband, Steve, is off touring with Uncle Jesse. Aunt Becky and Danny were 'working' until late on their show. As for the twins, those two are way too cool to be seen at a Tanner-sponsored event; besides, they were too busy washing their hair last night to make an appearance. As for Kimmy Gibler, Stephanie always hated that one so it is very unlikely she was invited though it is very possible to party crashed.

The Tanners of the 2010s are not the same Tanners you wanted to adopt you in the early 90s. Why? Why must things change?

Although, if you'd like to see more Uncle Joey and Stephanie, you can check them out on the web-series Can't Get Arrested.

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