Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amanda Please!

Remember when the young, sweet and innocent Amanda Bynes joined the once elite class of childhood comedians on All That, please? A world of possibilities opened for her, please. From All That to The Amanda Show and then to What I Like About You, Amanda Bynes had an ACTUAL successful television career, please. Penelope Taynt was my favorite, please. So polite and yet so deranged. Sidenote: Did you know Nickelodean still has the Amanda Please! website on its server? Memory lane, here I come!

And then, suddenly, it all sort of died. She went from star power on TV to back-up on movies. Although she has been linked to Blockbuster hits like Hairspray and Easy A, it seems like any headline concerning her is about her sexy twitpics, Maxim covershoot, or her early retirement from acting.

When she retired, I thought to myself, "what are you going to do? What can you do outside of acting?" The answers is, "Imma post twitpics of meself like a 12-year-old myspace kid to get attention." So sad, I can't take her seriously anymore because she has taken on this desperate for attention demeanor that plagues so many in the public eye. She is just no longer relate-able.

People who grow up in Hollywood be cray-cray.

Now, I like to keep my posts g-rated, so if you want to see photographs of her legs and/or her new bikini tops, check out her twitpics here.

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