Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fans Believe In Demi Lovato

Seriously, I feel like justjaredjr right now with all this Disney star related news.

Demi Lovato has some devoted and loving fans. On March 10 Demi hacked her sister Dallas' twitter to say hi to fans and to make them laugh with some cropped photos of her face on various bodies.

To show Demi that they love her, this morning her fans had YouAreBeautifulDemi trending on Twitter. The Camp Rock 2 News Twitter (@CR2News) posted several old images of Demi smiling and having fun with family and friends, and a fan made video We Believe In Demi has been circulating.

Here is what the video, posted by 4everfanjonas, description says about the video:
Project #1
so @CR2News had this idea and told me. So as you may know, Demi hasn't always been very confident about herself and that's why she wrote Believe In Me.
So @Rooociioo and @CR2News made this video to show her that WE do believe in her.
This video will be made of pictures of her fans, her friends and family.

Seriously, those are some fabulous fans. And the song, LOVE it. I wish I had fans like that.


  1. I'm not making a video or a song. Still, I am your fan and would support you through rehab if necessary. I will make you a video and song if you go to rehab.