Thursday, March 17, 2011


I know what you're thinking, "cinr, can't you just get over your pre-teen girl obsession with the Backstreet Boys and move on already!?" The answer of course is, no.

Just deal with it.

Today, the day of my favorite holiday, I discovered that there was an announcement made this week regarding the release of a NKOTBSB album. Now, imagine my surprise when I read that the release date is slated for May 24, my favorite non-holiday day of the year!


I'm kind of impartial to the New Kids as musicians, I was so young when they hit the charts and have never really been motivated to check them out now. However, as individuals whom I receive an RSS feed of their twitter accounts, they seem to be nice, comedic, loyal to their fans, and beyond passionate about what they do, so I'm pretty excited about the NKOTBSB collaboration. I just wish I had tickets to one of their LA shows...[curse you unemployment!!!]

Alas, here is a picture from the Backstreet Boys' 2010 tour, which I did attend. And, I rocked the last row s seats with some wonderful friends.

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