Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thrilling Adventure Hour, November 5

Dreams do come true!

Last weekend, between Comikaze, Angel and I had a wonderful evening at the theatre. The show for the night, Thrilling Adventure Hour, a 1940s radio-style show that had us laughing the better part of the evening. Best of all, it was done in musical format! What could be more awesome than people randomly bursting out in song? It's like High School Musical for adults, but with no dancing since it is radio.

Now, it is radio-style, but the audience still gets to see the performers interact and the fabulous orchestra perform. It is radio in the sense that set design is non existent, the show involves people gathering around a few mics on stage, and best of all you can sit at home and enjoy the show via podcast. Podcasts for Thrilling Adventure Hour are available at one of my favorite places,

The show features a bevy of actors and actresses as regular cast, including John diMaggio who voices Bender on Futurama, plus each month they book different guest performers. A semi-regular guest performer happens to be Nathan Fillion, Angel's true love.

In the November 5 show, He plays a young man smitten with his gal, Red (played by Busy Phillips). The two are adorable! Have I mentioned how much I love things that embody the 1940s-1960s? I'm talking the family dinner, Pleasantville, Grease, Wonder Years kind of stuff. I. LOVE. IT. So basically, this show is meant for me.

Fabulous point from the show, The Wonder Years reference in Act 2's Beyond Belief segement. Sad note, Fred Savage was a previously confirmed guest star, but a couple weeks before it was sadly announced that he and another would not be able to make the show. On the other hand, Jason Ritter did play a delightful Kevin Arnold-ish character.

So beautiful. If he was my child's teacher, I would SO date him. That is, assuming I am unattached. And he is unattached. I ain't no homewrecker.

Other performers we stalked to photograph:
Simon Helberg

Linda Cardellini (who happens to be an adorable pregnant woman)

And, in the audience, Jane Espenson
I met Jane Espenson at Comic-Con when I was in line for the Joss Whedon signing, and I basically decided at that moment that she is awesome. She was awesome long before than, but I didn't really know of her existence until then and she was a seriously down-to-earth, giddy about science fiction person, and I loved it. Check her out on IMDb and discover the awesome writer/producer that is: Jane Espenson.

I have already purchased our tickets to the December show, featuring guests Nathan Fillion, Josh Molina, Colin Hanks, and Gillian Jacobs. *whhheeeeeeee*

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