Sunday, November 13, 2011

More All That Reunion Panel

Remember that time I went to the All That Reunion Panel at Comikaze? Yeah, that thing was all kinds of awesome. I posted videos to my youtube, you should check them out :)

Also, the moderator from the event compiled some videos from the panel and the autograph signing that basically lets you pretend you were there. Check out the video by BlackNerdyComedy

I love Josh Server, and isn't he looking all kinds of hot in his Gap cardigan? I don't actually know if it is Gap, but I went to Gap this weekend and saw a very similar cardigan and thought, "That mannequin ain't got the style Josh Server has." Then I got to fantisizing about how our family would look...

Our oldest boy is Walter the Earboy and our baby girl is Detective Dan(ielle). Aren't we adorbs?

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