Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Me

This is what normally happens throughout my day...

Me, reading Twitter, "I should totally write a blog about this." "I HAVE to share this picture." And, "that Evanna Lynch is too funny. I could dedicate a whole blog to her tweets."

Then I browse some of my usual entertainment news sites, "Love this, must share." "I wondered what became of him/her, I wonder if I can dig up more and share." And "Funny videos, I love funny videos!"

It is all quite fun and lovely. Then I sit down and think about writing and, because the selections are so numerous, I start to re-evaluate what I found funny at 1am the night before. I reconsider in an attempt to narrow the field. Suddenly, nothing is interesting anymore.

In school, I always hated when a teacher did not provide a topic for us (the students) to write and a well defined rubric to follow. That pattern follows me into real life. Here are posts I wrote for SocialiteLife.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes take their love to Paris.

Reese Witherspoon takes her family to Disneyland.

Cory Monteith plays the role of Grand Marshal for Grey Cup Parade.

sidenote: did you know Canadians play a sport other than hockey? Today I learned football is also played and viewed, though it is no where near the popularity of hockey.

second sidenote: I accidently typed hickey and not hockey the first time I typed that.

third sidenote: Blogger keeps telling me accidently is spelled wrong and the number one suggestion to replace it is confidently. So...I confidently typed hickey and not hockey the first time I typed that.

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  1. Canadians play football? Say, what??? Just kidding, of course I knew that. Go BC Lions! You know how I know that? Because I follow everything Vancouver and know everything that has to do with Canada.