Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eureka Convention

On Saturday, I went to "Creation Entertainment Salutes Eureka and Warehouse 13" at the Marriott. Two conventions in less than one month *gasp* my nerdyness reaches new heights.

Instead of boring you with some long winded post on how my day went, I shall use pictures. I'm gonna go ahead and assume you all have watched Eureka, especially after I recommended it months ago, so please enjoy these photos of Niall Matter (no relation to Tow Mater), Colin Ferguson, and Deborah Farentino. There may or may not be some exaggeration in my details.

Scene 1:
The story begins when Niall takes questions from the audience, and he spots me.

Me: *tries to be cool and sound intelligent* Yes, well I remember Salli mentioning at Comic-con that she often went to Colin for help with understanding the technical terms in dialogue and the science behind the machines. Do you do any research on your lines, and if so what?
Niall stares intently
Me: Whew, is it hot in here or is that just me?
Niall: You are making this room hot.

Moderator: Well time is up, we must now clear the room for the next Q&A
Niall: damn you moderator *shakes fist in air*

Scene 2:
The evil Beverly Barlowe enters the room

Me: Yes, what was it like to kiss Colin?
Deborah: Honestly, I can't remember. That day was like a hazy dream. I love Colin.
Me: Stay away from Colin or I'll tell your husband!

Scene 3:
Colin enters the room

Niall couldn't stay away

Niall: Colin, you are so not the ladies man.

Me: Who was your favorite guest star and/or who would have been your dream actor or actress to work with?
Colin and Niall: You.

Me: Please, please, don't fight over me.

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