Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who Loves Orange Soda?

Kel loves orange soda.
Is it true?
I do, I do, I dooooOOOO!

Oh snaps! Check me out with Kel Mitchell. Admit it, you're jealous. Go ahead, photoshop your head over mine and pretend like it is you. Imagine Kel telling you "Kel loves orange soda!" and then experience pure joy when he signs your orange soda bottle.

Let me be honest, I was completely unprepared for the All That reunion and autograph signing on day 1 of Comikaze. I had nothing to get signed (as if I don't have an old Tiger Beat pin up of the cast buried in my closet) and the $10 a person signing is a steep price for one whose hourly wage is less than that. Also, I was basically giddy with tween emotions, I was a total fool. Oh, and Josh Server sporting that preppy cardigan had me drooling all over the place.

However, for day 2, I came prepared to meet and impress Kel, who was there promoting Asia Lee. And that I did. Other fans were totally jealous they didn't think of bringing orange soda for Kel to sign, I heard them oooh-ing and aaah-ing when I pulled out the bottle.

Then, when the photo time came, I insisted on taking the photo myself despite Asia Lee's offer. I have had practice with this, don't worry, I got this covered. Kel was impressed with my ability, he told me so, which obviously means he loves me and wants me to have his orange soda loving babies.

And look at how lovely that family will be.

Notice the Ed from Good Burger look, so dreamy <3


  1. I love YOU CinR! This post made me laugh. :)

  2. What a cute family you would make!