Tuesday, January 25, 2011

greedy + celebrities =

On Saturday Angel and I went to the Red Dog Squadron production of Karl Gajdusek's greedy. The play is running January 8-January 29 at The El Centro Theatre, if you are LA-based and looking for something to do I recommend checking out the play. Truthfully, Angel and I went because, as dedicated Psych fans, it seemed only natural for us to drop cash on an opportunity to see James Roday, the director of greedy, in the flesh. We-and by we I mean, I- also prayed that Dulé Hill would go to the theatre that night so our my Psych fantasies could come true.

Fortunately, dreams did come true that night. The performance was better than expected. Although I was left with some unanswered questions pertaining to character development, the overall performance of the actors was good. The intimate feeling that the tiny theatre provided also added to the positive expereince. But really, the play could have been a total bomb and I still would have been happy with my decision to go on account of the high percentage of celebs in attendance.

Mr. Dulé Hill was in attendance with his beautiful wife Nicole Lyn.
 Kurt Fuller performed as Paul in the production.
 Jonathan Silverman and wife Jennifer Finnigan attended.
 Maggie Lawson performed as Kiera in the production.
 And, of course, James Roday directed the performance. He is looking very hairy these days.

Angel and I could totally hang with them, look how comfy we look.
I loves them.

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