Thursday, January 27, 2011

Will Farrell, the next Michael Scott?

I'm sure the news that Steve Carell is leaving The Office has been painful. Probably not as painful as watching Scott's Tots, but at least as upsetting as Jim moving to Stamford. Unfortunately, Jim returned to Scranton after only a short time away, I doubt Mr. Carell will be returning after his departure.

On the upside, Will Farrell will be joining the cast of The Office for at least a four episode arc. This news comes just after it was announced that Steve Carell would not be staying on through the end of the season, but will be departing sometime in April. I'm not sure how the show will survive without it's key component. Throwing Will Farrell on seems like a desperate effort to keep viewership going. That being said, I think Will Farrell is hilarious and will most likely tune in to the episodes, so game well played NBC.

What are your thoughts on the changes, can The Office make it without its biggest star?

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