Sunday, April 1, 2012

Devon Sawa quits acting and Chick-fil-A sells beef

April fools everyone! Check your calendar my friends because anything announced on this date should be automatically seen as false news.

Wipe away those tears, Devon Sawa has not quit acting although several news sources did print that story after reading an early April 1 tweet from Sawa: "I quit acting. I'm done. It's been amazing. I'm moving to hawaii and I'm opening a spin studio. It's what I've alway wanted to do. Thanks."

Celbrity news site allie is wired published a story based on the tweet, but later amended the article by noting that "Apparently, it was an April Fools Joke…" Oh that Devon, such a prankster. And, because I know you care, Sawa will not be returning to Nikita this season although he assures fans there is no dramatic reason for his absence. "I wasn't fired, laid off, or "let go" from Nikita. Just won't be back this season." THIS season, but that is not to say he won't be back in the future (assuming the show has a future).

In other ridiculous April Fools news...
Come on, like Chick-fil-A is really going to announce it is adding beef to it's menu, and on a Sunday?!!! The day every single Chick-fil-A is closed and coincidentally the day my craving for Chick-fil-A reaches its maximum. Don't be a fool on this people, don't be a fool.

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