Thursday, March 12, 2015

'90s TBT : Taylor, Zachary and Isaac 'Hanson's Guide to Happiness'

In honor of Taylor's birthday on March 14, and because I love an excuse to write about Hanson, today I am throwing it back to August 1998.

The year was 1998. A year since 'Middle of Nowhere' released, Hanson was riding the pop star train of success. Their faces were plastered on the cover of every teeny bopper magazine.

For some reason you can't quite explain today, you found those boys irresistible.

Eighteen years and eleven kids later - Taylor, Zac and Isaac, still got it!


Note : That is a picture of Isaac Hanson, Harry Styles (One Direction) and Taylor Hanson. Even today's young boy band members show some respect to their elders.

This is Zac Hanson.

Sure the "oh-so-hunky Hanson clan" are now grown men, all married with children, but it seems like just yesterday they were long-haired children traversing the tumultous times of adolsence with us, and Mmmbopping their way to number 1 on the charts.

Hanson 4-Ever! <3

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