Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Backstreet Boys' 'In A World Like This' Summer 2014 Tour

Well, it took 15-years, but I finally had my Backstreet Boy dreams come true. In a single night I touched every single member of the group, making my right hand unwashable.

Look at that face! That is what pure joy and excitement looks like on the face of a 20-something who is living the dreams of her pre-teen self.

Because I am an adult who can choose to throw down cash on any thing she darn well pleases, I decided 2014 was as good a time as any to spend ridiculous money on a general admission, pit, concert ticket for the May 28 Backstreet Boys (featuring Avril Lavigne) show at the LA Forum. Happy Birthday to me!

I regret nothing about the choices I made that lead to that evening, nor the spastic screaming and preteen behaviour that may have erupted when the boys men first took to the stage.

The guys are now over halfway through the summer 2014 leg of their 'In A World Like This' World Tour, promoting the 2013 release of their album of the same name.

In case there are any questions, Backstreet Boys are back -actually they were Never Gone- and they very much still have it going on. You may recall that Brian, Nick, A.J. and Howie were a quartet for many years after Kevin Richardson left the group in 2006, but in 2012 Richardson made his return and the pop world is a happier place.

They still got the choreographed dance mooves down

They have swappped chairs for microphone poles, but clearly still got it together when it comes to dancing with props

Oh yeah, and hats, they still know a few hat tricks

The guys, who are now all married and, except Nick Carter, fathers, stood on stage at the LA forum for the first time since their 1999 sold-out Millenium tour. And they all looked and sounded amazing. Seriously, can we just admire Kevin Richardson's backside for a moment.

Now all Backstreet backsides.

And even more pictures to satiate your boy band urges  

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