Friday, April 29, 2011

In Lesser News, Prince William Is Off The Market

Prince William and Kate Middleton are wedded!

You probably haven't heard about that yet, I mean with the worst tornadoes in recorded history ripping apart the southern US, it makes sense that the media coverage of the royal wedding would take a backseat.

Since my focus on this blog is non-real world news coverage, I don't have to worry about real problems, instead I have the luxury of putting up blinders to that serious stuff. I'll save that to the professionals. Or, atleast for another blog.

Check out some of 'The Best of The Royal Wedding' photos here.
^that little girl is my favorite part of this photo.

I didn't watch the wedding, nor do I completly understand the American fascination with the royals, but I feel obligated to give it some attention. If for no other reason, this post is to remind me that my dream of becoming a princess just became a little more difficult. How many more eligible Princes in their 20s are left in the world?!

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