Friday, April 15, 2011

Catherine Zeta Jones Seeks Help

The always beautiful and graceful Catherine Zeta Jones recently entered an unidentified facility to receive treatment for a Bipolar II disorder.

It is so refreshing to see someone seek help before they fall apart in a public way.

Zeta Jones has been under a lot of stress recently; understandably so since her husband, Michael Douglas, was diagnosed with stage-IV throat cancer last year. Douglas is now tumor free after months of radiation and chemotherapy. However, the battle with cancer is a grueling journey that affects the patient as well as the family and friends. Zeta-Jones has committed to a short stay at a facility to get back to health before beginning work on a new project.

It takes a great deal to admit that you need help, and I totally admire her boldness.

And here are some kind words from Demi Lovato, who left rehab in January after checking in mid-tour when a scuffle with a dancer got a little to serious.

I'm all about highlighting the positive role models. As Hannah Montana would say, "everyone makes mistakes, eveyone has those days." No one is without flaw, but if you carry yourself with poise and confidence even in your darkest hours you can still come out looking like a champion.

Here is to hoping that Catherine Zeta-Jones comes out an even more beautiful and graceful woman than before.

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