Friday, April 29, 2011

Teen Dream Revisited- Devon Sawa

Fact: beside the Hanson and Backstreet posters plastered to the sky blue walls of my childhood room were smiling pictures of Devon Sawa.
Yup, that is the face of beauty to those of us raised in the 90s.

I was recently browsing my celeb news sources when I stumbled across a photo gallery of Mr. Sawa, shot by Tyler Shields.

He done grown up nice, no? For more pictures of Devon Sawa by Tyler Shields, check out this gallery.

What I did not know is that Devon was most recently on four episodes of the CW show, Nikita. I do not watch the show, obvi, otherwise I would have recognized my teen dream, but my brief research tells me that it also stars Shane West, another dream I shall revisit.

Ever since A Walk To Remember, Shane can do me no wrong. Remeber when Landon took Jamie to the stateline so she could see her dream of being in two places at once? That is some teen romance at it's best; also it is the only Nicholas Sparks book I was not disappointed with when it came to the big screen. Oh how times have changed, teen romance use to be so innocent and virginal.

Anyways, after the recent Devon siting I have decided to reasearch some of my other dream guys. If you, like me, missed Devon on Nikita, you can check him out in either the thrill movie, 388 Arlette Avenue, or the horror film The Sibling, both set for release (according to IMDB) in 2011.

Next up, Rider Strong. Get excited.

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