Friday, September 2, 2011

Teen Dream Revisited: Andrew Keegan

photo from Zimbio

Wow, now that is something my 10-13 year old self had on her wall. Don't act like you don't remember sorting through Tiger Beat, Bop, and 16 and picking the best of the best pictures to coat your walls. I'm pretty sure, in a binder somewhere in my brother's attic, I have a collection of glossy magazine prints of my favorite actors. I might try and find that hidden treasure...

What can I say about Andrew Keegan? For starters, he was the first person I saw on television who made teen parenting attractive. That is not to say he inspired a generation of young teens to become parents. I don't even remember how his role as teen parent was portrayed, but based on Brenda Hampton's latest "hit" Secret Life, I'd say it largely misrepresented the harsh realities teen parents face. That being said, I totally would have been a teen mom for Andrew Keegan. Don't you remember how adorable he was on 7th Heaven as single daddy, Wilson? Am I the only one who thought to myself, "Wilson, you deserve someone who will love you regardless of the situation. You need someone like me." At 12 years old I was pretty confident that either he or Simon Camden, were my soul mates.

So, where is this fine fella now? His days of teen parenting and modeling (10 Things I Hate About You) are over, but he is just as attractive today as he was then. Most recently, in 2010 he guess starred on an episode of CSI:NY. His IMDb page also has him linked to a 2011 short thriller called Sold, which tells the story of a young journalist who is "captured into a human trafficking ring while doing an investigative article on the treatment of illegal immigrants in America."

Unfortunately, his life has not been without drama. In May TMZ reported that Keegan and some friends were attacked when leaving a charity event, Keegan had to get a few stitches as a result. The incident apparently left Keegan inspired to create a community outreach group. Sounds like a nice guy, right?

Then, in July, TMZ reported an incident (with video) of Keegan being handcuffed and detained by police. There may have even been tasers involved. It is all very sad to watch. Supposedly the incident was regarding loud music. Police claim no tasers were used, but the video seems to suggest something other than words was used. Keegan claims the cops treated him unjustly and that he remained cooperative.

I will choose to remember Keegan in a less drama-filled manner, and I suggest you do the same. To get your mind off his police run-in, you should remind yourself of how attractive he is. I'm not saying beautiful people should be allowed to get away with stuff, but my research indicates there is no proof that he did anything more than play loud music, so don't feel guilty about admiring his good looks. If you are not sure if he is still worthy of eye candy, check out his IMDb profile picture and see for yourself how great he looks these days.

If you still aren't sure you can revisit this old flame, I recommend Eric Balfour as a replacement. Balfour is strangely reminiscent of Keegan and when I watch him on Syfy's Haven, I can't help but fall for this bad boy.

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