Sunday, September 4, 2011

Does Anyone Remember...Magic Nursery Baby

As a child, I never had a Cabbage Patch Doll. I'm still not completely over the fact that I totally missed out on that experience, but Penny Lane is helping me come to terms with that as an adult.
(NOT a Magic Nursery Doll! Meet Penny Lane, my first Cabbage Patch Doll)

In place of a Cabbage Patch Doll, I did have what is called a Magic Nursery Baby. Very few people seem to remember this doll, everyone was so absorbed with cabbages, but I absolutely LOVED these dolls. So much did I love these dolls, that I had at least 4 different Magic Nursery Babies:

1- Magic Nursery Baby
Photo credit: Children of the Nineties

With blonde curly hair, this doll had basically everything I wanted as a child (naturally curly hair). Like all the Magic Nursery dolls, she had a pink heart on her left cheek that, when I kissed it, would turn to a star and automatically tell you that she belongs to me.

2- Magic Nursery Pet
Photo credit: Ghost of the Doll

I'm pretty sure I had the pink puppy, though I can't be certain because the kitten and puppy look an awful lot alike, and so does the pink and peach color. I think my sister had a green pet, this must have been before my green obsession was recognized by my parents.

3- Magic Nursery Back Pack

This was probably my favorite Magic Nursery doll because the back pack/diaper bag was really a pregnancy pouch that, when you pushed against it, would mimic a heartbeat sound and baby kicking. At this age, my younger brother was really young and my sister may not have been born yet, so I probably had a fascination with being pregnant like mommy.
Besides making you feel like a real pregnant child, this doll was also awesome because you could have a multiple birth surprise! I wanted triplets so badly but all I got was a single baby :( To make it worse, my BF Sovanna got triplets. I played with her dolls a lot.

4- Magic Nursery doll with eyes that open and close with water
(no photo available)
My older sister and I both had this doll, and we got it at the same time. My mom use to take us to Toys R Us and let us pick one toy, and that particular day my sister picked the same toy I wanted! I was not about to have the same doll as her so, while she went for the light skinned version of the doll, I got the darker skinned version. True story. I loved all dolls, no matter their skin-tone. I hope I still have this doll because she is totally worthy of passing down to my children.

Do any of you remember Magic Nursery Babies???


  1. I didn't have one but my little sister did, so I totally remember them! That half rabbit half person thing is a bit on the creepy side of things for my liking. I still can't believe you didn't have a cabbage patch doll while growing up. I mean, do parents even think about the trauma they inflict on their children?

  2. My parents thought no such thing. :'(