Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Review: Glee does Bieber

Tonights episode of Glee was about the same as last week, only insert Justin Bieber songs. I'm starting to get a little tired of seeing the same thing unfold every show.

-Brittany continues to get dumber. I seriously don't understand how this character gets out of bed in the morning by herself.
-Sue attempts new depths of evil and leaves me questioning how is she not in jail after all the physical abuse she throws at students? Seriously, it is now routine for her to slam students into lockers, Ohio must have some really leinant laws on how to treat a student.
-Once again, Santana can't find her own guy so she goes after someone else's boyfriend.
-Meanwhile Quinn can't decide who she wants as a boyfriend so she strings Finn along on the side while foolish Sam stands by idly believing Quinn is better than she is.
Let's see, what else...
-Puck struggles to swoon Lauren.
-Lauren pretends she doesn't like Puck and acts tough even though the camera close ups of her while he sings tell another story.
-Oh yeah, and Mike dances while everyone else sings.

Overall the episode was kind of blah. I wasn't even that impressed with the song choice. I liked seeing Emma, even if for just a short scene. She was my favorite character in season one. In spite of her OCD she was and continues to be the most normal and level-headed character on this show. I wish they hadn't married her off to hot dentist John Stamos. In my opinion, killing the Will and Emma storyline has killed the show. All the students are just too annoying and self-centered to really bring any depth to the show.

Does anyone else feel like each episode starts at the same place? Rather than picking up where the last show ended, each episode is the same. Kurt is really the only character on the show now with any substance and he doesn't get the screen time he deserves.

Oh Glee, how I once loved you so...

The actors do seem pretty fun and friendly, though. Above they are pictured having a picnic in January together on set.


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