Thursday, February 24, 2011

Liam Neeson Talks Natasha Richardson's Death

I'm totally taking the lazy way out of post by just linking to posts, but they are posts I wrote so whatevs, you best respect!

With Unknown now in theatres, Liam Neeson took a break from his busy filming schedule in order to promote his newest project. Really, he just took a break to promote himself. That is what celebs do, they promote themselves and therefore any project is promoted by default. It's cool though because 10 times out of 10 we aren't really interested in the project, just the celeb.

In a recent interview with Esquire Liam Neeson opened up about his wife Natasha Richardson's death that shocked many just two years ago. That was a sad, sad day. Read more about how Liam Neeson is running away from Natasha Richardson's death

As a sidenote, I know Natasha Richardson did a million very noteworthy projects, but I will always remember her as the mom from the Lindsay Lohan remake of The Parent Trap. And what do you think she would say about Hallie/Annie today?

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