Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guess Who...

Guess who...

Once a child actor, he now works mostly behind the cameras, including directing episodes for such series as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the Emmy awarded winning Modern Family (note: the above picture was tweeted by a star of Modern Family).

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from a snooty junior university, but I can't hold that against him because he starred in my absolute favorite movie of all time. I can't hate someone connected to that masterpiece, even if I don't agree with the choices he makes as an adult.

Still not sure? Well you might have been just a little too young to remember his most popular television role, but you will definitely remember his brother. He even directed some episodes of his brothers famous T.G.I.F. show that also starred her.

Who is this?

Sidenote: He happens to be scheduled to appear on the Thrilling Adventure Hour in November that my fabulous friend got us tickets to. Eep! So excited :D

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  1. Fred Savage...I <3 Boy Meets World. Thanks for the reference. Also, Stanfurd=lame-o.