Sunday, October 16, 2011

Matthew Lewis In Vegas

I weep.

I had a productive Saturday spent promoting Issue 2 or The Gryffindor Daily Prophet (check it out) and restructuring the nargles out of the Showbiz Department. I was feeling pumped. I was like boom, boom, boom! *pats self on back* "CC, you are awesomebeans!"

With Midnight approaching, I set aside my work to have a quick peek at Twitter before calling it a night. *Enter sadness*

Twitter welcomed me with this tweet from MFH:

@Mattdavelewis: I'm in Las Vegas. Tonight I think we're hitting a club called Pure. Anybody been?
Tears erupt (metaphorically, that is).

Why? Why did I not see this tweet 6 hours ago when there was totes enough time to hop in my car and drive to Vegas for this stalking opportunity? Furthermore, why have I not been to Vegas in over a year? Where has life taken me?

So many questions to ponder.

Picture via yfrog

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