Thursday, October 13, 2011

Matthew Lewis Is My Future Husband

I've missed blogging.

Fortunately, one of my classes has just ended and suddenly my evenings have opened :D

So here is one of my favorite wizards to bring in this new wave of posts.

Don't you just melt when you see that half grin smile? So, My Future Husband (MFH) posts a lot about some British teams and sport I don't understand, but I have recently asked a Brit to translate the tweets so that MFH and I might share a bond over it, so I'll keep you posted. For now, let me explain that the picture is of him holding some cup/trophy that some team from some sport won. Capisci?

Notice that celebratory beer by his foot? That was accompanied by many more, me thinks, and my poor wittle Mafew woke up with a hangover. The night before presenting at an awards show is probably not the best night to party hard, but when your team wins how can you resist?

The next day Matt presented with Tom Felton at the British, Radio 1 Teen Awards. And after the event he tweeted the following:
Bloody hell, there were thousands of you. And you're really loud. I specifically told you I was hungover. Cheers for the reception though. X
Man, how I likey this one.

In other news, Matt took to Twitter last week to discuss puberty.
I'm still confused as to why people keep talking about me and puberty in the same sentence. I'm 22. Ta
Umm...duh, because those fake teeth in Harry Potter hid your post-puberty gorgeousness from us.

Matt continued by explaining: "No, no, no. Puberty made me greasy and miserable. At 14. The gym and my dentist were kind to me. At 22. Getz?"

And...since we are on the topic puberty...

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