Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hilary Duff and The Case of The Killer Heels

Despite the title of this post, nobody in this post was killed by heels or Hilary Duff. Rather, this post calls to question the footwear choice of the pregnant Hilary Duff while grocery shopping.

via Twitter @HilaryDuff

Is this woman crazy?! Who goes grocery shopping in heels?

I don't even wear shoes like that on the 2 days a year I get out my fancy clothes (trips to Magic Castle). On the contrary, I stick to 2 inch heels without stiletto and/or platform; yet my feet are begging for release from that prison before the night is even finished.

Grant it, my heels by whatever brand is available at Ross at the date of purchase are very likely crappy compared to the designer brands the celebs wear, but I doubt the shoes Mrs. Comrie-Duff is wearing can provide the comfort and ease offered by Keds, Reef flip-flops, or TOMS (my shoes of choice).


Oh women, how you love pain and beauty.

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